Steem Back Dollar (SBD) ATH

By mummyrio | SIDECHAINNEWS | 3 Apr 2021


Steem back dollar reach 13 USD. This is the ATH in the early April 2021. This price will still rises in my opinion. All steemians will be happy with the rise. A post can worth hundreds or even a thousand. Can you imagine a post with $200 reward than will be splitted to $100 curators and $100 poster. The HBD earns is about HBD 50. 50 HBD x $13 = $650 in a post.


That is a crazy earning from steem. I am not sure it is natural or not. However, most steem users will be happy with that. I am only a little earner with $1 per post. That is not bad. It is ok. I think I should think pragmatism that earning from everywhere. What do you think of HBD pump?


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