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By mummyrio | SIDECHAINNEWS | 20 Mar 2021

Hello, dear all publish0x members. I would like to tell you my social cryptofolio. These profile is not to show off but to tell you that there are some opportunities to make money from cryptoblogging.


1. Publish0x

My profile name is mummyrio. It is my true profile. The name will be different from other social crypto but it is ok. I have no idea what the name should be when I created the account in publish0x. So mummyrio is ok.


2. Hive and steem

My social profile name is hive is @lebah . 

It is the same as steem profile. I make money from hive. How much I earn from hive? It is not big. I just a minnow that earn from rewards posting about $100 monthly. Sometimes I earn lower than that but it is ok. I earn more from leofinance tribe. It is a side chain of hive. How about steem? Oh no, steem is much difficult for me to earn reward. The curation system based on community makes me crazy because most people will earn who are close to curators ambasador. But it is ok.



My profile is @lebah . is new blog and social platform on dragonchain. You will earn MTR a utility token on ethereum. it is traded in uniswap. How much I earn? I have never paid out the rewards.


4. Bitcointalk @imamfauzan

I also join bitcointalk. I try to get lucks by joining bounty work. I like to join article bounty. I post the work on hive, steem and other social blogging platform. I have never earn reward in 2021. However, last few years with suspended account I earned more than $10,000 value of crypto asset. Do you want to try bitcointalk? I think the charge to join now is high because the price of bitcoin is high. To join you should pay few satoshis.

Those are my social crypto profile. Thaks for reading.



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