How to get autovote in steemit

By mummyrio | SIDECHAINNEWS | 1 Apr 2021

Getting upvoted in steem is difficult. However, steemit platform allow to get autovote. You will also upvote other posters when you follow the curation trail. Autoupvote will help you earn minimum. Here is the trick to get autoupvote from other steem members.


First, you have to sign up the   . It is a autovote service that almost all steem users use. You should log in with your private posting key. After you join, you search tap curation trail then click.


You will see some trails that you can join. Here are some recommendation for you.

1. Travelnepal

FREE votes for you all STEEMian follow the trial and msg on Telegram

2. bstrail

Backscratcher Redux. Scratch someone's back and they scratch yours automatically with 185K SP total

3. blocktoken

100% Free upvote for your steemit posts. Tag "STEEMEXCLUSIVE, TECHNOLOGY, STEEMIT, CRYPTO"

4. Sam99

Just follow

Here are some of curation trails account. You can make research what the best curation trail in the dasboard that will give you best earning.

To maximize earning you should post once in a day. You'd better post around 8-10 am in Jakarta time. Thanks for reading don't forget to tip and like.


You try and see the result !


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