How Small Business Survive In My Country

By mummyrio | SIDECHAINNEWS | 7 Apr 2021

I live in South East Of Asia. The countries in this continent I think have some similarities. Indonesia is my country where I was born and live here. I live in a city near Jakarta where most business and industries are located. Most people in Jakarta and city that nearby are workers or employees in companies and government offices. Some of them are businessmen. However not all businessmen make big money. Some of the businessmen are small street vendors. 


In my country, streets are the center of economic activities. Many small retailers, restaurants and big offices are located on a side of street. Industries are located in industrial park but the offices are located in the center of Jakarta on the side of street. One of the most popular big companies's office is located in Sudirman and Thamrin street.


Not only big business that prefer to open offices near a street. Small vendors and retailers opens or sells their products on a side of street. There are some benefits when they opens their stalls or counters on the side of streets. They will get free promotion. By putting on banners or just display their products, people who pass by the street will see the free campaigns. They will stop and buy the products. 


This is a coffee shop on a side of a street. The condition is very simple and sometimes look dirty but from this store, the owner can feed their family and pay the school fee for their kids. In a busy street, a location like this will earn money more than $500 a month. This is a crazy thing that a small and dirty counter earn more than minimum wages. I say in a busy street. When the street is not busy the income is also lower. The grandma in the picture may be the lucky one because she has a good location in a busy street.


Here in the location is different. The street is not busy. Too many shops ( warung ) here. The competition is too hard. The street is quiet. Only few bikers are having rest. Here there are many bikers on weekends. I think the income is low in this area because there are many stores are closed.



Here is a street market. It is a traditional market that is located on the side of street. The market is busy every morning because more moms buy groceries and meat here.


 How much is a small seller income?

When I talk about income, the income is not the same but most of them still earn almost the same as minimum wages. It is around $300 a month. Some small vendors earn lower from $100 to $200. A successful street vendor may have income higher than minimum wages. $500 a month is  a great income.

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