Government Regulation - Worse Than Covid itself

By mummyrio | SIDECHAINNEWS | 9 Aug 2021

The Covid-19 regulation makes everything worse. Lokckdown causes all activities to stop. The economic ecosystem suffers from a lack of activities of production, distribution, and consumption.

BREAKING NEWS: Bikin Geger Tak Percaya Covid-19, dr Lois Owien Akhirnya Ditangkap Polisi

Dr. Lois stated that the deaths that occurred were not due to the Covid-19 virus but due to interactions between drugs.In the Hotman Paris Show on TV, she said the statement. Her statement became viral. Some doctors were opposed to her statement, but she was firm with her opinion. Later, the Indonesian National Police called for him to give her information.


Some Indonesian people trust her statement. After getting caught by the Police Department, Dr. Lois was released. After that, she kept quiet. What happened after that in my country? After that, Azithromycin, which is used as a treatment for COVID-19 patients withdrawn. Dr. Louis was accused of being a mental illness by other doctors. Finally, the madwoman's statement was obeyed.

This is very funny. Dr. Louis was arrested by the police but released again. Drugs that were said to be dangerous by Dr. Louis were eventually withdrawn from circulation. Dr. Louis also stated to burn all covid test kits and there is no need to wear masks. She said that the covid test kit was the devil's tool. Dr. Louis' statement has awakened many people in Indonesia. The health protocol that has been implemented and recommended is an exaggeration.






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