First Withdrawal To Kucoin Account

By mummyrio | SIDECHAINNEWS | 6 Apr 2021

After publish0x decide to make withdrawal via kucoin account, I tried to register. Registered kucoin is simple. I use my sms phone verification. Then I save the pasword and login. I enter my withdrawal address in kucoin form in publish0x payment. After that I withdraw. Done, after three days the fund was in my kucoin account. It is small money in AMPL token. It is just about 2.5 USD

Though, it is a small money, the success of withdrawal to kucoin account will be my next step to continue posting in publish0x. In few weeks before, I was inactive in publish0x. It does not mean that I am not interested in making money here but I care about gas fee. I had 0.01 eth from publish0x. I tried to send to exchange from my eth wallet. My fund was stuck and I lost the gas fee worth 4 or 5 USD. That is bad.

Withdawal to kucoin account is free of gas fee. Transfering balance to trading accout is also free. I can start trade from small amount of AMPL token. AMPL token is going to be profitable trading asset because we can guess easily rebase the coin. So I set the place order at 1.1 USD. I just wait till the price rebase reach my order. Then after that I will place order at 0.87 USD. Just wait AMPL to make its own price adjusment.


I hope in the future I can make more AMPL so the margin of profit from trading will be accumulated. That is a great thing in publish0x to decide withdrawal partner with kucoin.


How much my earning in publish0x? Not much but it is ok to start to higher leap. Everything starts from small steps and first steps. AMPL, publish0x and kucoin are my first steps.


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