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Let’s talk about opportunities in hive network. Leo token is the best performance token tribe.  There are too many tokens in hive but I choose only six tokens. Data is very important to make decision in investment. You can compare what tokens that have good potential in the near future. After that, you can research yourself about the tribes and tokens.

1. Leo 

Leo is native token for leofinance. Leofinance is blogging platform run on hive network. The token as reward for authors and curators. The price of leo token is about $ 0.27. It is even higher than Hive price. The developer team are very progressive. Leofinance also issue Wleo token. Leo token that is run on eth network. Wrap Leo or leo tokens is an utility token to earn leo by giving liquidity to Uniswap. You can lock your eth or wleo to earn passive income in uniswap. You can now register leofinance via metamask and twitter with instant sign up. 

To sign up just visit https://leofinance.io

2. Foodies Bee Hive

Foodies Bee Hive is food blogger community in hive. The front end site is foodiesunite.net . The member of the community is 2,189 members. The site value is $ 265. From the data that the traffic of visitors of the front end is still low. Yearly ad revenue from the foodiesunite.net is only $4. However, the member of the community is quiet large. They are food blogger who use foodie hashtag or food hashtag.

Go to the foodies bee hive front end www.foodiesunite.net

3. Natural Medicine

Natural medicine has the largest member of the community. The site value is also high. It is about $1,732 USD. Yearly ads revenue is around $540 USD. naturalmedicine.io is the front end of the community. You will earn lotus token when you post using hashtag naturalmedicine or lotus.

The front end is www.naturalmedicine.io

4. The City Of Neoxian

Neoxian.city is the front end of the community. It seems that the traffic is still low. The site value is about $100. You will earn neoxag token to post and use neoxian hashtag. You can also use the front end to post.

The front end is www.neoxian.city 


5. Palnet

Palnet.io is the front end of the community. The traffic of the website is very high. The value of the website is about $1700 with yearly ads revenue around $530. 

6. CTP

Click Track Profit is affiliate marketing based of hive community. The traffic of the site is high. Ctptalk.com is the front end. It has value around $1,736. However, the member of the community is still low with 346 members.



From the data, you can make further research about the community. Leo is a model of successful tribe in hive. Leo developers have great roadmap. That is why the token price value increases. More investors are attracted to the progressive development. How about other tribes and tokens? You can find and research which token that has achievable roadmap. With little liquid to invest in tribe tokens, the profit will be amazing in the future. 

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