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Hello dear readers and authors, I just want to slightly introduce myself on this blog. I am Jade and I am a full-time accounting staff at a Manufacturing company here at the Philippines. However, aside from being a staff, I am also a small time "youtuber" and a part time Financial Advisor at an insurance company here in the Philippines.

These days, most Filipinos (if not all) looks for a part time job or a source of extra income apart from the job that they already have as their monthly paycheck does not suffice or it's just never enough to cover the needs of their family.

I was not an exception to this. Even though I regularly receive my paycheck/salary and I am not the Head of the Family or the bread winner, my income from being a staff is just never enough. I still find myself struggling month by month.

That is when I started looking for part time jobs. I have tried almost all online jobs that I could possibly done with my free time. From cryptocurrency trading to being a virtual assistant. It was not easy. Aside from doing my day to day job, I had to work on the online jobs that I have discovered to actually have a decent allowance for the month.

And after months of doing that, online jobs come and go. Nothing really stayed permanently. I had to find another after the other. That's when I decided to actually try something I've never done.

Ever since I was in highschool, I've always been a fan of investing. Thus, I decided to get myself a plan not only for investment but also it comes with insurance.

I've always been the one to believe that it is better to sacrifice today and earn in the future. That's why I decided instead of trying to save which is really hard for me, I just invested my money on what they call now VUL or variable unit-linked products.

Having to appreciate the goodness of VUL, I tried my luck on insurance sales.

Right now, my job which is being an accounting staff and my part time (Financial consultant) I have covered my day-to-day expenses as well as some luxury.


On the next posts I am going to further discuss VUL and how to be a financial consultant.

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I'm a full time accounting staff and a part time Financial adviser at a known insurance company in the Philippines

Side Jobs to earn extra income
Side Jobs to earn extra income

When living in a 3rd world country it has been a trend to have more than one job as the monthly paycheck does not really suffice the needs of the family. I'm going to use my first post as an introduction of myself and the jobs I have tried for extra incom

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