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By shubhwaj | Shubhwaj Personal Blog | 10 Jan 2022


I am an adult, but also a child.

I still sometimes make stupid faces in front of a mirror and grin like an idiot. 😛

I am in my late twenties. Exploring and creating a life around things I love.

I graduated in business administration six years ago.

And I have changed my career thrice — Something i never predicted I would do.

I like to learn new things.

I feel my curiosity might never let me settle in what I do for a living.


I have been pathetic all my life.

Pathetic in making a living. Pathetic in relationships. Pathetic in managing money, choosing a career, being action oriented, taking care of myself, making my parents proud and everywhere else. Pathetic and miserably inadequate.

I still am, but just better than before.

being the best of yourself is a life long process. So, I just try to be better everyday. Better than yesterday.

No one can ever be perfect, I know.

But maybe life’s not about being perfect. It’s about being real.

I try to be real. But sometimes it gets embarrassing.

May be reality is embarrassing. That’s why we run away from it.

But when you are one hundred percent honest with yourself, your efforts automatically get a direction.

You accept what’s wrong with you. And you strive to make it right.

You do things you love. So you improve substantially.

You work on relationships, you genuinely want to nurture. So you develop constructive connections.

And you step out of the cage. You flow. You become free.

I am interested in multiple seemingly unconnected things. And I try to do and learn more of what I love.

I am

A self professed agnostic -

I don’t believe that god exist (Spare me). And if he does, it is beyond the scope of humans to comprehend such things.

An unpublished writer -

Yeah, I call myself a writer. If you can stare at a blank screen of a text editor for a few minutes, you are a writer. If you can write one word, better. Writing is hard.

A student of Literature -

I am pursuing my Masters in English Literature through distance mode. FYI, Getting a distance degree in my country is a joke, lol. But still I try to spare some hours every week for this cause as I am interested and want to learn the technicalities — like how to critique a work.

A hopeless perfectionist -

I have an inherent desire to pursue perfection in anything I do. I usually have unrealistic standards for what I want to create. At times it is helpful but often it immobilizes me and makes me a snail. Still trying to find a middle ground and manage this.

An admirer of great food & art forms -

I am a foodie and imagery of delicious food aggravates my taste buds like nothing else. I binge watch singing and dancing competitions and reality shows. Sometimes I sing and dance when I am alone — just casual 😉.

A forever fan of Sci-fi - 

I am sad 😔, because I don’t have many choices left to watch this genre over Netflix. The future and space based shows and movies fascinate me the most and inspire creativity. Science fiction is love and will always be.

What else?

I am a mountain lover. Here are some snapshots of my Hiking Trips — Throwback to some amazing places.




Looking forward to connect and explore more about each other.

What you’ll find here

I like to read and write. I keep learning about a lot of different topics that interest me.

I like to write because it connects me with myself, brings out my vulnerabilities, expands my thinking horizons and because I want to help. If I can help a single individual, I would be grateful.

I will share (but not limited to) -

A fresh perspective about life and how the world works -

Find the observations on the human condition and a dose of fresh air amongst all the chaos of structured ideals

What I have learned in my short span of ongoing journey on this planet -

How to be self aware and self critical and find clarity in this ever complex world

Opinions about the place I have been born and lived in since 1994 — India -

Places to visit, Comments on political / economic / social situation. Truths & lies and everything else.

Multitude of other topics -

Psychology of people, Philosophy of everyday life, Travel guides & blogs, Trekking, Tech & Gadgets, Blockchain & Crypto, Digital Design, Money & finance, Investing & trading, Occult Sciences, Writing, Photography, Book Reviews, News & trends, B-logs, Opinions, Research & Findings, Guides & How To’s Etc.

I won’t claim that I have it all figured out. But I have screwed up often and learned something along the way.

So I try to help with whatever I know. I want you to tag along my journey.

Let’s connect and know each other better. And be a part of each other’s inspiration, learning and growth.

Keep Writing & Showering Love.



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Writer | Digital Artist | Jack Of a Few Trades | Interested in Multiple Seemingly Unconnected Things

Shubhwaj Personal Blog
Shubhwaj Personal Blog

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