The Veil Has Been Broken (2 minute read)

By KushT_UK | Shrooms | 17 May 2021

The fruits have developed fully, the spores are itching to burst from the veil, magic mushroom fever is in full effect. The world is finally starting to open their eyes and see the value and potential of this wonderful fungus. Those who love the magic are over joyed and currently they are the ones developing the industry. You could call this... the grand awakening.



However, with the positive introduction out the way we have a few things we need to do to prevent the mistakes that were made in cannabis legalisation.



First we need worldwide legalisation out before private business interests; people tend to ignore the fight once it has been won in their country, we need to use the power of legal cannabis to extend its reach and the same can be said for magic mushroom.



The second thing we can learn is that working together can be a very powerful tool in the lobbying industry; we need to have one voice behind the movement with the shrooms.



Finally we can’t waste time, this is not something we can leave to governments to handle; they’ve proven time and time again that they will value profits over people again and again, these mushrooms have the potential to change the world particularly its problems with depression.



Follow for more information on the fungal world and where it is heading as well as potential investment opportunities.




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