Street Photography

Street Photography

By TeeGee | Shot by TG | 17 Jun 2021

While street photography is not necessarily something I do or one of my fortes when it comes to photography, I often find myself on public transport and walking the streets of different places to get to locations or go to gigs, but rarely take the time to shoot some of what's going on around.

This week with the bit of spare time I had, I went back into Newtown to have a look around and spend some time strolling up and down the streets.

The first thing that took my eye was this installation along an alley. Which kind of made me smile.


It was a nice winters day in the sun to explore King St and surrounds. Considering the general sticker bombed, graffiti laden appearance of the place, it's good to see most businesses bouncing back after a troublesome year of last.


Possibly the only interesting things left seem to be the records stores. The so-called 'Vintage' or 'Antique' retro stores seem nothing more than glorified over priced junk shops now.

You'd be better off scouting your local Salvo's to help support those that really need it.

Royal Enfield

So I just continued to wander, taking in the sights Newtown had to offer for the day...

I was quite pleased with how the above shot turned out.  I did not want to draw much attention from the owner standing just to the right, and wanted to try something different. On approach I fiddled with my settings, locked in what I thought would work, had a general idea of where my 50mm would frame and was able to casually walk by 'shooting from the hip' as I like to say.





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Shot by TG
Shot by TG

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