Illusion of Life

The Black Abyss of Nothingness - Maybe it is really something.

The Black Abyss of Nothingness...


Is it as dark as one might say it is?

Is it Heaven?

Is it Hell?

Or purgatory?

If those even exist.


I guess we may never know what lies inside of this nothingness.


Maybe it isn't anything but something.

Maybe it is everything.

Maybe it is simply just more.

Like a higher dimension of sorts.

How would we know?


Maybe it might be less than what was just a matter of something.

Maybe it is just a black hole that swallows everything and creates. 

Maybe it is just a word to describe what nothing can become.

Maybe I am wrong about everything and it simply nothing.

Maybe nothingness is really just a matter of something meaning nothing.


Maybe we are living our dreams every night when we sleep.

And when we dream we leave our body in this world to experience the next.

Maybe when we die in those worlds

the perished part of us attaches to our current being and we now are one.

Maybe this is how we have demons that attached itself to us 

leaving us feeling distant from the rest of the world

just to one day find out that it was all just nothing in the first place.


Is that how we know that nothingness exists?


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Short Stories & Poetry

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