Temporary Madness - Poem

                        Temporary Madness

If you are sad then write about that fight in life.

Depression can extinguish the wildfire within your heart.

Instead of letting that fire be put out,

add fuel to it

watch the fire grow uncontrollably with passion.

As passion starts to take over you begin to feel unstoppable.

You write those first words.

The ones that start the whole series of how this madness began to occur.

No one can stop you now as you manically write about why you are upset.

You choke out such words as death, defeated, and denial.

As you painfully and furiously write those hateful, regretted words with an eraser as your main tool.

You begin to acknowledge those feelings with a better sense of understanding.

You now

are beginning to settle your emotions and write about

what had led to how things were prior to this emotion.

You felt Loved, Sincerity, Trust, Romance, and Friendship.

You begin to remember the good things in life that had happened prior to all of this.  

You begin to smile.

Then, you feel a sense of peace within yourself.

As you pridefully begin to enjoy this write.

You begin to experience 

peace of mind and peace at heart.

As that fire begins to settle into the passionate flames of

accomplishment and enjoyment

as the depression begins to fade away.

You write the last few words that lead to a happier ending.

Happiness, Success, Enjoyment, and Fulfilled.




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Short Stories & Poetry

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