Flying Around in a Cadillac Spaceship

Fake Smile - Poem

That smile hides his true feelings

People often wonder what is going on inside of his head

They never grew up the same way as he did

They could only guess what is on his mind

How many things might often easily stir up raw emotions

That gets projected at the wrong people or person

The best thing that he can do is force a smile

whilst behind that same happy face

is a man of secret darkness

plotting his escape from this crazy escapade called Life

He might one day hop inside his Cadillac Spaceship and fly far away

So far that he becomes one with the stars

Then his smile will become genuine 

once again


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Short Story Author and Blogger. I also enjoy doing poetry from time to time.

Short Stories & Poetry
Short Stories & Poetry

This blog is short stories and poetry that I write. Feel free to leave a comment or any type of feedback. I am open to constructive criticism. Thanks for reading!

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