Become a #BILLionaire with BILLHWANGFINANCE, New BSC Farm with $200,000 CertiK Insurance for investors peace of mind!

By Lucapelle | ShitCoins I Like | 6 Jun 2021

Bill Hwang Finance  on nBSC

Brand new, Triple-Audited, Meme-based yield farm on BSC. Earn high yields by just investing your money! Sit back, relax, and become a #BILLionaire.

Inspired by the brilliant achievements, and destructive falls, of the myth Bill Hwang this project aims to create a healthy, safe and truly rewarding place for its investors.


Bill Hwang Finance is a meme yield farm with serious security standards. There is no other project in BSC that has gone through 3 full audits IN ADDITION to insuring users against exploits with CertiK Insurance and the 24/7 CertiK Skynet and Security Oracle.


✅ Total MAX supply capped.

✅ Triple audited: CertiK, Solidity, Rug Doctor

✅ Investors protection: CertiK Insurance $200,000

✅ 24/7 CertiK Skynet

✅ Earn high yields without doing anything! Just stake and profit.

✅ No deposit fees. 0% deposit, withdrawal or transaction fees. CANNOT BE CHANGED.


💰 BILL token: 0x1f36f067f4e425994763da9ee5bcc76f154c82d1


📈 Chart:


🥞 Pancakeswap $BILL:


👀 Who wants to be a #BILLionaire? 👀


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