Kwikswap Protocol Presents Kwikstarter Incubator & IDO Launchpad on Binance Smart Chain

Kwikswap Protocol crew proudly announce Kwikstarter Incubator & IDO Launchpad V1 on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) , our V2 will be powered by Polkadot.

Post Polkadot integration, both iterations will function side by side to support BSC and DOT projects respectively.

The Kwikswap / Kwikstarter Dev team are currently working frantically coding and preparing to stand up an all new feature rich launchpad to assist in nurturing Start-ups and New Projects through fundraising stages all the way through to market.

The Kwikstarter vision is to assist everyday retail investors and contributors the chance to get in on the ground floor in projects that may otherwise be quickly snapped up by Venture Capital firms. We believe that everyone has an equal right to sharing the love.

What can you expect from Kwikstarter?

Kwikstarter is a vessel which allows for start-ups projects the ability to raise funds via LP’s. It also leverages off the Kwikswap audience to keep on supporting this projects through to Market Creation. The project onboarding workflow will be automated in future iterations to allow for Kwik Token holders to play an important role in fielding the right projects to launch on the Kwikstarter Launchpad. We believe that this unique feature is a real key difference that sets us apart from other launchpads out there in the Crypto-sphere.

At Kwikstarter, we will offer an onboarding experience like no other for projects and assist in the nurturing stages of their listing and continue to offer that support mechanism through to market creation on Kwikswap.

What’s in it for KWIK Token holders?

KWIK Token holders will not only be able to take a role in the governance of Kwikswap DEX, but also play an integral part of fielding ONLY THE BEST projects onto the Kwikstarter Launchpad.

How to contribute to Projects that are launching on Kwikstarter…

Every Project will feature an allocation and will launch over two Sales Stages. To participate in the launchpad sales stages, contributors must hold a minimum of 1000 KWIK Tokens to be whitelisted.

Our model ensures that anyone who whitelists in the specified time *launch window* will receive a token allocation on Kwikstarter.

How does an individual join a Kwikstarter Launch Pad Event?

Firstly it is a requirement that prospective contributors hold KWIK Tokens. Another value add of holding KWIK Tokens is that holders/stokers appreciate a solid 12% APY staking reward that is paid monthly.

Kwikstarter Tier Levels are influenced by SpaceX Launch Vehicle Names



Each Fundraising Event will feature Two Sales Stages

The first sales stage, dubbed the “Initial Allocation Stage” will run for 24 hours and contributors must purchase the token allocation based on their tier level during this window.

The second sales stage, dubbed the “Final Stage” will offer any unsold tokens from the first stage and run until sold out. Tier levels will be able to purchase an additional allocation based on their tier levels criteria.

Types of support we offer projects we onboard to Kwikstarter:

The three levels of startup / projects that do we support and how we rank or rate projects on our platform are set out below:

We classify these in three levels of support we give projects / startups on the Kwikstarter IDO launchpad:

  • Rocket Class 1 (Incubator Vehicle): We are hands on with this type of project from their early concept to listing on Kwikswap DEX and CEX. We also continue to assist in nurturing the project with marketing and community building through our worldwide network.
  • Rocket Class 2 (Strategic Alliance): Our team’s involvement is mainly centered around marketing and social media strategic planning and execution. We will assist across all SNS mediums with the project team.
  • Rocket Class 3 (Fundraiser Management): The relationship we have with the project is purely to allow the project team the Kwikstarter platform where our only responsibility is managing sales and fielding the contributor support channels

How to projects apply to launch or receive our support on the Kwikstarter Platform?

We have implemented an “Expression of Interest” Apply for IDO application webform to Launch your project on Kwikstarter Application Form.

The EOI Webform will be open from Wednesday 31/03/2021 and we will be looking to choose our first 2–3 Projects from those submitted.

Please reach out to [email protected] for any further details.

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