Introducing GemTracker - The Ultimate Tool for Discovering Crypto Gems

Introducing GemTracker - The Ultimate Tool for Discovering Crypto Gems

Introducing GemTracker

This week saw the much-anticipated release of GemTracker Premium, which is available in exchange for a small contribution to cover development costs. For a limited time only, this donation will grant lifetime access, but what exactly is GemTracker, what can it offer you, and why would you want to contribute to its development?

GemTracker is an automated tool which allows users to receive notifications of newly listed tokens on decentralised platforms such as Uniswap. Furthermore, not only does it notify users of new tokens, but it also provides key information about said token, such as the number of transactions that have already been made, the top holders and the percentage of tokens they own; whether the contract has been verified on both the Ethereum blockchain and on Etherscan, as well as other handy links where you can quickly check social media hype, trading charts, locked liquidity and more. These essential details could eventually prove to be the difference between a successful trade, and a total failure.

GemTracker delivers essential information to your inbox

An example of the essential information provided by GemTracker in an instant!

The early success of GemTracker was measured in the free version which launched in summer 2020 at the height of DeFi season, and has reached almost 1000 subscribers.

GemTracker was created by Tomasz Kowalczyk, who is also the leading developer and has more than 3000 subscribers on his social media video channel. As a transparent and open team leader, he’s happy to host video meetings for community members, enriching their experience using GemTracker. Working alongside Kowalczyk is Sheepy, the main researcher who dedicates her time to discovering and analysing projects, and trying to figure out the pattern for the most profitable gems. Sheepy is always ready to assist and share her knowledge to the other community members.

Together with the help of the experienced and enthusiastic ‘Trackers’ (the GemTracker community), Kowalczyk has been able to make practical updates to reflect users’ needs when using GemTracker.

The GemTracker team is continually seeking feedback from the community in order to improve the effectiveness of GemTracker, and implementations for a web-based interface are already in the pipeline. Community members also have access to an exclusive group to discuss the newest and most innovative projects on the market, as well as the opportunity to debate the latest GemTracker gems.

For now, GemTracker runs conveniently on Telegram, which means users can have constant access no matter where they are, ensuring you never miss a new listing.

For more information on GemTracker Premium, please visit the official website.

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