How to CPU-mine Monero on Windows 10 (64-bit) with XMRig

By ShayGaming24 | Shay | 26 Feb 2021




Hello everyone!

Here I will explain to you how you can start mining Monero on your Windows 10 device in under 10 minutes and earn a passive income! Please note: your Windows 10 device must be 64-bit. If you are unsure whether your device is 64-bit or not, join our Discord server at and ask in #xmr-pool for support.

Before we begin mining, we need to set up a Monero wallet where all of our mining rewards will go.


Setting up a Monero wallet

1) Visit and press "Create new wallet".


2) Tick the "GOT IT!" box and press "Next" in the top right.


3) Note down your mnemonic phrase (set of words) somewhere safe - this is the only way to access your wallet's funds if you lose access to it. Do not share this phrase with anyone or they will be able to access your funds.

4) Click "My Monero Wallet" and copy your address (which should appear under the blue box which says "00.00000000000").

Keep this address saved somewhere - you'll need it later when we start up the miner for the first time!


Installing and setting up XMRig (mining software)

1) Make a new folder on your desktop and call it something unique, ideally related to mining.

2) Download to your downloads folder. (you may have to turn off safe browsing temporarily if your browser flags it as a virus/malware)

3) Extract the contents of the zip to your new folder on your desktop. This folder should contain an xmrig(.exe) file within.

4) Copy your address from your wallet which we set up earlier, open Notepad, and paste the below text in:

xmrig.exe --coin=XMR -o -u YOUR_ADDRESS

Replacing YOUR_ADDRESS with your Monero address.

5) Save the file in the same folder as the xmrig file as start.bat - if the file isn't a .bat file format this will not work.

6) Close Notepad, and run start.bat - a window should appear that looks something like this:


If your window looks like the above, congratulations - your miner is set up and running! You can track your hashrate and unpaid earnings by visiting and typing your address into the "Miner address" box! Also, feel free to join our Discord server at and socialize with the community!

If your window doesn't look like the above, or if your miner isn't working properly, join our Discord server at and we'll try our best to help you in our #xmr-pool text channel!

You can calculate an estimation of how much you will earn using your hashrate by inputting it at!

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