Fractal Protocol helps you earn up to 200USD/month by surfing internet

Fractal Protocol helps you earn up to 200USD/month by surfing internet

By hgminh | sharingvaluablethings | 20 Oct 2021

Fractal Protocol a new blockchain that unlocks radical markets for data while preserving your privacy.

Fractal Protocol has just launched its mainnet recently. With Fractal Protocol mainnet, by installing its extension for your web browser, sign up an account on its mainnet, leave it there and you can easily earn passive income every day. Imagine, you don't have to pay for the internet with your personal data, but the internet pays you for it, it is real by using Fractal Protocol extension.


With Fractal Protocol, you can earn up to 500 FCL (~$200) for browsing the web every month, you do not need to invest any amount of your money, just spend very shot time for installing the extension, creating an account, and browsing the web as usual.

You can see the amount of FCL you earned in your own wallet (integrated in the extension). Your earning will be updated every hour.

You can create your account via my referral link (to support me writing the useful things like this and share them to community):

And to know more about the Fractal Protocol, your can visit its website:

To know more about creating an account, install the extension and start your earning, you can follow this link:





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