ShapeShift DAO Weekly Governance Call Agenda for 10/14/2021

ShapeShift DAO Weekly Governance Call Agenda for 10/14/2021

By ShapeShiftDAO | ShapeShift DAO | 14 Oct 2021

Every Thursday at 3pm MT (Denver) / 5pm EST (New York) the ShapeShift DAO holds a weekly governance call in which operations, and all of those involved in the agenda speak upon varied topics/proposals/interests & more.

Join us today for the call and check out what ShapeShift DAO is up to


Governance Call Agenda:


Passed Proposals:

Proposal to Integrate Yat into Shapeshift Wallet

[SCP-23] Official ShapeShift DAO Merchandise Store 

Shall a ShapeShift Cosmos Validator be created? 

Proposal to Fund the Customer Support Workstream: Jan 1-April 30, 2022


Active Proposals:

[SCP-27] Proposed Roadmap through December 2021 

[SCP-29] Integrate OnJuno for Onramps and Offramps and have the DAO earn revenue via its partner program 

[SCP-17] Launch Stable FOX ($oneFOX)


Pending Proposal:

[SCP- 30] Commission to create 10 “Creatures of Cryptozoology” NFTs for the ShapeShift DAO Treasury 



Boost Utility, Sharing Profits & Tokenomics Strategy


New Forum Posts:

Security Workstream Risk Reports - MrNerdHair Proposal to the DAO regarding receipt of ShapeShift Cards. (SHAPESHIFTCD) 


Old Forum Posts:

[SCP-26] Utilize G-UNI For Future Uniswap v3 Liquidity Mining Program 

[SCP-21] Proposal to integrate product-analytics tool Pendo

[Official Ideation Thread] Incentivized Liquidity Mining Program for HoneySwap on xDAI / An Opportunity to Partner two Communities and Strengthen the 1hive Treasury 

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ShapeShift DAO
ShapeShift DAO

Shapeshift has started to dissolve its corporate structure! The newly decentralized ShapeShift will now operate as a DAO - becoming a fully decentralized project/organization utilizing FOX Tokens in its governance process. Join ShapeShift in its new chapter; and check out everything the ShapeShift DAO has planned for its Foxy decentralized future.

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