The Fight of My Life

By clubby | Shady Ave Micro Farm | 10 Nov 2023

My son playing on a waterfall at a park

I haven't been posting much on here lately (or for a long time really.) 

The reason is I have been going through a brutal divorce. During the pandemic a lot of us experienced our relationships with friends and family becoming frayed and stressed to the breaking point. My wife and I already did not have a great marriage. It was always hard even from the beginning.

Our little boy suffered an injury from a series of injections when he was only 1.5 years old. He became paralyzed and lost power of speech (larger story of this in the embedded tweet.) After spending months living at Children's Hospital he recovered most of the way but the doctors would not admit it was from the vaccines and my wife and I would fight over it endlessly.

Two years ago she decided to get rid of me. I was forced from my home and became homeless. My family took me in. She left me with nothing but a maxed out credit card. All of my belongings place into trash bags that would ultimately surround me in my childhood bedroom for that long, dark winter.

The next summer I was able to get a job as a manager for a small eatery that employed "at-risk" kids. That doesn't mean they are bad kids in trouble with the law, it just means they come from single parent households so they are "at risk" to a greater degree of drug use/crime etc. It was a good experience to be a positive male role model to those kids and it helped me since I was no longer living with mine.

I let a year go by before I hired attorneys and went after her in divorce court. Now this battle has been going on in court for a year and is about to be decided next week. The courts have been siding with me on a lot of things as it is considered abuse to put your spouse out of the house with nothing so they have not been exactly sympathetic with her.

I will post more here soon. In the meantime if you could help me by reposting this tweet I would greatly appreciate it.

Much love to Publish0x family.

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