Is Decentralized Advertising the Future of Web Monetization?

By clubby | Shady Ave Micro Farm | 7 Dec 2021


I've been blogging about permaculture and cryptocurrency for a while now and one of the things I've always avoided is using the "Gulag" version (you know what I'm talking about) of running ads on my website. We have all heard of the nightmares that other netizens have had using the so-called "Number One" ad service and how little it pays the bloggers and website owners. That's just one of the reasons I am excited about Adshares and the potential it has to disrupt the current monetization model of advertising on the internet. Adshares started in 2017 by introducing a protocol that is scalable and gives the network to the community that uses it with a "DAO style governance" which means that the rules are transparent in the program and are controlled by the community and not a single corporation or government.  Anyone can make an Adserver using the open-source blockchain tools they provide which to me sounds like they are really putting the power back in the hands of the people instead of the grubby mitts of centralized monopolies that currently dominate the advertising industry. 

Let's see what the head honchos in charge have to say about it!

“Adshares is the first 100% decentralized marketplace for programmable advertising, also being one of the most advanced blockchain-based projects in the advertising market. We use our own, unique blockchain to connect publishers and advertisers, allowing them to make direct deals. We currently have over 500 publishers and more are coming all the time! Using Adshares open source software, anyone can join the ecosystem and start their ad-related services in a just, transparent and egalitarian marketplace. Our vision for Adshares is to become the biggest decentralised marketing blockchain governed by DAO." - CEO of Adshares, Krzysztof Bochenek


The first thing I do when I look at any crypto project is look at the "tokenomics" of the coin or token and the chain it lives on. $ADS has its own dPoS blockchain and is cross-chained to the immensely popular Etherium, Binance Smartchain and Polygon chains as well. It is considered a deflationary coin due to its burning and dividend mechanisms and you can trade and stake $ADS on the aforementioned chains. According the official Adshares website, the Enterprise Service Chain blockchain can execute 1.4 million transactions a second which is extremely fast. The privacy angle is HUGE - anyone can run ads WITHOUT sharing their personal data! $ADS makes for direct contact between advertisers and publishers which means you won't have a monopoly provider butting in between them and absconding away with lots of money for just facilitating the partnership.





So the idea behind the "metaverse" is that it is a persistent online structure of visual three-dimensional entities that are all linked to each other through the internet and form their own world. Remember when you played Ultima Online and your character was a mage or tamer and you would go to dungeon Hythloth to kill daemons in the Balron Room? It's kind of like that only your "character" is a 3-D avatar NFT, dungeon Hythloth is Facebook, the Balron Room is Horizon Workroom, and the daemons are workplace harassment lawsuits. So where does Adshares come into this picture? Adshares is poised to become the David to Google's Adsense Goliath and slay this grotesque monopoly in online advertising by removing the barrier to entry by allowing anyone to run ads in games, online events, concerts, forums and more! Now, you might be thinking, "Isn't it nice that the people will have an alternative?" This isn't just an alternative -- its likely to be what replaces the Google Adsense monopoly going forward in the Web3 revolution!


(The Adshares team at TOKEN 2049 in London)


(David v. Goliath meme by @shadyavemicrofarm on Torum)

The Future of Adshares?

In a world where we are getting strangled to death by the Technological Industrial Complex (i.e. Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter), I see Adshares, a decentralized advertising platform on Web3 that gives the control over their ads back to the people, as being an amazing solution to the problem of over-monopolized web advertising. We will emerge from a world gripped by a tightly-controlled centralized Gulag advertising oligopoly into a new realm of decentralized freedom with full transparency and we will be far better for it. Can't wait? Neither can I so signed up right away and you can too right here. It's time for each one of us to be the stone that Adshares' David slingshots through the air shattering the skull of centralized fascist Goliath advertising.

If you would like to learn more about Adshares be sure to check out their whitepaper or stop by their official Telegram. Don't forget to follow me here on Publish0x as well as Twitter! If you like my art/memes be sure to check out my stores (Ultimate Degen Warrior and Shady Ave Micro Farm) on the way out!

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