A Cryptocurrency to Fight World Hunger?

By clubby | Shady Ave Micro Farm | 6 May 2021

A Cryptocurrency with a Philanthropic Purpose?

I created Shady Ave Micro Farm with some clear purposes behind it and one of them was helping connect people with with the Earth and the farmers who work hard to bring us the fruits of their labor through grocery stores and farmer’s markets as well teach people how easy and rewarding it is to grow things for yourself. I was intrigued when I first learned about HUNGRY which is a deflationary, community-driven “rug proof” BEP 20 token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) which has started out with some seriously ambitious (and very admirable) goals. According to the United Nations 25,000 people succumb to death every day due to lack of food in the world – and even more alarming is the fact that 10,000 of them are children! That is a very sobering fact that is unfortunately true and without our help the problem will certainly only grow worse which is one of the reasons I am so interested in this new token.

The team behind HUNGRYBEAR has made the philanthropic vision of both combating world hunger and helping to preserve wildlife two of the pillars of their work going forward. The token just launched on April 12, 2021 and they are already planning donations to Children’s Hospital and the Grizzly Bear Foundation. The charitable contributions will be organized by unlocking funds from the marketing wallet on a regular basis in addition to coming from a crowd-sourced wallet where everyone can contribute to these worthy charities whenever they wish as this project is 100% community-driven.

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Tokenomics, according to Decrypt.io, “is the study of how cryptocurrencies work within the broader ecosystem. This includes such things like token distribution as well as how they can be used to incentivize positive behaviour in the network.” It is the very science of the token economy and covers a broad range of things from how the coin is created to the management of it as well as its management and even its destruction if it must be removed from the network. You can think of it as the implementation of monetary policy to the blockchain ecosystem much in the same manner as central bankers use such policies to control and govern the financial systems within a country or state.

BEAROMICS - How HUNGRY is Distributed

The token distribution at launch is as follows:

  • One Quadrillion Total Token Supply at Launch
  • 50% Burnt at Launch
  • 10% of the Supply Locked
  • 20% Allocated at Presale
  • 1% Allocated to the Marketing Wallet
  • Remaining Tokens Listed on pancakeswap

The HUNGRY BEAR Protocol

Every time HUNGRY is traded, there are two functions which occur simultaneously: reflection and burn. For each and every trade that occurs, a tax of 8% is applied to the transaction which is then split into two ways: 5% is burnt to the “dead” wallet and 3% is redistributed to all token holders. The amount of tokens being redistributed depends on the volume being traded. So what does that mean to the people who hold HUNGRY in their wallet? Not only does this help prevent a downward sales pressure by early-adopters with a mindset to get in and out quick but it actually rewards the people who buy and hold HUNGRY as they receive a reward that is based upon the total amount of tokens in their wallet!

For more information on the technical aspects of the token you can download the white paper here.


Has HUNGRY Been Audited Yet?

Security audits are performed for two major reasons. First, to ensure that the smart contract functions as intended. Second, to identify any potential security issues with the smart contract. As of the writing of this article, the technical audit of the smart chain contract has already been performed by TechRate. TechRate is a team of engineers and analysts who are specialized in blockchain technology and business analytics who started as an audit and development firm then expanded the scope of their business to the analytics, security and technical valuations of products.

So What's the Good News?

The finished audit by TechRate found NO high or medium severity issues in the smart chain contract! If you would like to view the audit by TechRate you can do so here.

Win a Tesla buy buy buy HUNGRY BEAR

Forget "When Lambo?" Here's "Now Tesla!"

Yes! You can actually win a new Tesla Model 3 just for buying and holding at least $50 of HUNGRY! Here are the full details on their official website. The contest started on April 28th and will continue until the token’s value hits its previous all-time high so be sure to get in quick before it ends.


The Future of HUNGRY BEAR?

All in all, I would say the future for HUNGRY appears to be very bright. From the philanthropic aspects of planning on donating to food banks, the Children’s Hospital network and the Grizzly Bear Foundation to the transparency that results from the horizontal communication with their devoted community as well as already passing an audit with flying colors from a major firm, I have nothing but high hopes for BSC Finance and HUNGRYBEAR. In fact, they just donated $10,300 USD to the Binance charity “Lunch for Children” which is a program that aims to end child hunger. The donation will amount to around 34,000 meals for hungry children!

Please be sure to visit the official website of $HUNGRY as well join their Twitter and Telegram feeds for the latest news and updates.

If you are new to cryptocurrency and are looking for reputable exchanges I would recommend Binance U.S., Coinbase, or Crypto.com as those are the exchanges I use and trust. If you use the referral links here you will receive a bonus for signing up!

If you enjoyed the artwork in this article and would like to have the high-resolution images you can find them on my Twitter or Instagram pages. Also, if you want to purchase apparel with the artwork and  show your love of HUNGRY please be sure to visit my store here and use the code “GROW” for 20% off all purchases.


This article originally appeared on my website www.shadyavemicrofarm.com


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