SwissBorg - predict Bitcoin price and earn crypto

SwissBorg - predict Bitcoin price and earn crypto

By shadowofsatoshi | shadowofsatoshi | 11 Apr 2019

Recently, I have become more interested in projects that offer some crypto rewards for a few minutes a day.

Currently, I have come across a project called SwissBorg, where you can play for a maximum $ 500,000 prize, which is distributed among the first 20,000 users according to the success rate. And right now, there are just only 8000 players, so if you register soon, you will have an advantage versus the late-arrivals.

How it works?

You get points for several quests every day:

- daily login

- extra bonus after 7-day streak

- guessing Bitcoin price for tomorrow

- inviting new people.

You don´t need to invest anything, that is the beauty of this game.



Where they come from?

SwissBorg is an post-ICO crypto from Switzerland. Their ICO from Jan 2018 raised 51 mil. USD. This app is a non-profit for the community. You actually risk no money, its free to use

Do they need KYC?

Actually no, not for the game. If you will be one of the winners, you need to prove yourself somehow to get CHSB tokens. Those tokens are traded on KuCoin exchange for example, if you want to trade them to BTC.




How to register?

Registration is quite simple:

1. Download an application SwissBorg Community to your mobile phone, they are both for iOS and Android

2. Fill in your name and a phone number

3. Verify by an incoming SMS

4. Play and earn




When querying referral code, enter YHZNEOA, which is my code, so it will be clear, who gave you info about this.

The project website is


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