Revealing my crypto portfolio in #ShowYourPortfolio contest

Revealing my crypto portfolio in #ShowYourPortfolio contest

By shadowofsatoshi | shadowofsatoshi | 11 Jul 2019

Why I am holding BTC, LTC, ADA, STEEM and NEX


I am here revealing my crypto portfolio. I will tell you, why I am HODLer of bitcoin, litecoin, ADA, STEEM, NEX, Bounty0x, HYDRO, ZIL, NPXS and ELA cryptocurrencies?


Hello everyone,

I decided to share my portfolio with you. Long story short, let’s begin. I will tell something more about 5 of my TOP coins I am holding, or I can easily say - HODLing.

At first, I want to tell you, why I don’t have in my portfolio some other cryptocurrencies. XLM, XRP, EOS, TRX, BEAM and some others can be great for trading, but not for me as middle-to-long term investor.


Because big portion of this tokens are owned by the developers of those coins, who then can easily manipulate with their price. And I like coins, which have some kind of scarcity, good level of decentralization. I don’t like pump-and-dump coins. At least not for HODLing or let me say long-term investing. I also don´t like coins with big inflation rate, just because its more reasonable and profitable to hold other coins.


My portfolio

Here is screen of my portfolion, which I control over a webpage CryptoCompare, which is very user friendly for my purposes. I made it blank to you, so you can see only percentual change of the portfolio members and as you can see, I am bleeding so hardly at this moment. But it’s my mid-to-long term portfolio, so I don’t care about little volatility. Right now, the NEX token price is not yet available there, but it will be once it can be traded on Nash Exchange.




So, what are the coins in my portfolio?

I will tell you, why I picked this cryptocurrencies and what is the relative amount of my holdings:




Biggest bag of my portfolio is in the king of crypto. 10 years ago, Satoshi Nakamoto revealed a white paper, where he described open, borderless, permissionless, public blockchain called BITCOIN.

The decentralization level of bitcoin is due to Proof-of-Work algorithm on the highest level. It is developed by the best brains of IT industry and supported by most of the influencers and traders.

Bitcoin in my eyes is more the store of value than the transaction cryptocurrency. When I buy coffee or a sandwich, I use Litecoin, which is faster and has smaller fees.

Bitcoin has a great potential to be the best investment of this and the next decade, because of the scarcity. With lowering the number of new bitcoins due to halving 4-year cycles, in 6 years might be bitcoin so valuable, that it will be standard of a hedge of classical portfolio. If you consider potential inflation of USD, EUR and some other main fiat currencies, bitcoin might be “it”, what will bring stability. It sounds crazy these days, when the price could easily drop by 20% a day and rise 30% the next one. The volatility is still too high. But I look at bitcoin in the view of the future generation, which will ask us „dad / mom / granny – why you haven’t bought more bitcoin when it was only 12k“?




If I am sure about success of any cryptocurrency project, it is definitely Cardano! With its own native coin ADA, it might be “the next best thing” for all crypto community.

Team of academics leaded by co-founder of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson, is proving all the work by mathematical calculations. Before they dive to the work, they do many academic studies, which tell them answers for questions, which could be protentional problems.

They are also going to implement their own enterprise blockchain framework Atala on some “3rd world countries” like Ethiopia or Mongolia, where they will start their own national cryptocurrency. This is truly the real implementation of the crypto!

Another great thing coming with Shelly stage will be staking of ADA coins, which might bring ADA holders a passive income to the future. In 10 years, your staked ADA will be used as confirmation of transactions in this Proof-of-Stake blockchain, so you will get even more because of the transaction fees.

One of the best teams in crypto world, slow implementation of features, learning from previous mistakes of other blockchain projects, great vision and truly decentralized concept, where more than 1000 staking pools will approve the blocks, can make Cardano 100x more decentralized blockchain than Bitcoin! If this doesn’t sound revolutionary to you, for me it is.




Nash Exchange is going to be “the gamechanger” in exchanges. It connects advantages from both decentralized exchanges and the centralized ones. UI and speed will be like you know from Binance, KuCoin or some more centralized exchanges. But while it’s a DEX, you will still keep your tokens and your private keys, so it will be much more secure than the standard centralized exchanges.

What is also great?

While you lock your NEX tokens on the exchange for 1 to 24 months, you will receive monthly dividends from fees, which will receive Nash exchange from trading. Concretely its 25% if you lock your NEX for 1 month and 75% for 24 month locking period. If you believe Nash Exchange will have similar volume like Binance, this might bring to your unbelievable passive income. And imagine the trading volume in the next bull market or altcoin season…

Nash Exchange is built in NEO ecosystem and people like Fábio Canesin work in their development team. This is also a prove to me, that this project might be BIG in near future.




More than a year ago I started blogging on Steemit. As time goes, I earned few STEEM tokens. Later on, I realized, that when you have more Steem Power, in other words when you lock your STEEM, you earn even more STEEM because of curation rewards. Right now, I get some extra STEEM every week, which can be a great source of passive income in the future.

STEEM is one of the first social network blockchain, or maybe let’s say blogging blockchain. Right now, there are more than 1 million accounts with 60,000 unique accounts interaction every day. Steemit is great, because it gives you tokens for free for your work, your articles. Nothing like this wasn’t here before. I see it very revolutionary, to be paid for your blogpost, for your advices, for your information and tips. And when more people benefit, you receive more tokens.

PS. On Steemit platform I get info about Publish0x also, so that’s why I know, that its writers put there very valuable information.




Litecoin project´s code is a fork from Bitcoin. It’s faster and it has smaller fees, the developers are implementing some features earlier than Bitcoin, which makes from Litecoin some kind of a testing product for Bitcoin. Which is not a bad usecase. And litecoin is here with us for couple of years, so it will not disappear as many new ICO´s. One of the developers is Charlie Lee, who is very respected person in crypto community.

I am very happy to see, that many stores and coffee bars have opportunity to pay in Litecoin. So that’s why I have at least something in my mobile app for those small expanses. I really like Litecon, while it can be used for dayily spendings, when Bitcoin will be a store of value, which you will not touch every day.


Here are some other projects I believe in, but I owe only small portion of them. If you desire and ask in the comment section, I will describe those for you in some of my next articles.


Zilliqa 2 %

NPXS 2 %

Bounty0x 2 %


Elastos 2 %


What do you think about my portfolio? I will be very pleased if you react in the comment section below.

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