First Publish0x payout

By shadowofsatoshi | shadowofsatoshi | 12 Feb 2019

Hello everyone,

finally I tried to do a withdrawal from the platform and it went through as stated. This is a great news for me and for everyone, who writes on this website.

Why it is important?

There are several possibilities, where you can get a "free crypto". Faucets, publishing sites, bounties, airdrops etc. Once you register and try to "earn" some crypto, in some of these possibilities, you step on a shard or kick the stone. There is some trouble.

They force you to get some account on specific exchange/wallet (Brave), you need to unlock your funds in 13 weeks (Steemit), they give you some limit, you can reach in very long term (faucets), they add some more tasks before withdrawal (Presearch), they force you spread your refferal links around yourself and some other kind of boundaries.

I am very pleased, that Publish0x works as it stated to work. For me, its a great sign, that they "deliver".

Because its one of the worst feelings, when you simply couldn´t reach your funds anywhere you have them and anytime you want. Just remember MtGox!

Withdrawal works! Great!

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