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Waterfall Farm game - A play to Earn Game with 10$ welcome bonus for new players, check how to get it! EASY!

By ShadowCrypto | Shadow News | 15 Feb 2023

Waterfall Farm - Earn Crypto Playing and having fun and 10$ bonus for new users!



Waterfall Farm, Earn Crypto Playing and having fun:

No need to spend 1 CENT, follow these steps and earn 10 USDT in the game, and you can withdraw it.



-Register your account using your gmail and log in the game:

-After logging in the game, you need to set up your security code for the security of the withdrawal issues. After that, you need to wait 1 Hour.

-While you're waiting for the security code, you need to contact to @officialwaterfallfarm on Telegram to claim your 10U registered bonus.

-After claiming your 10U registered bonus in your in-game mail, you need to exchange them into USDT and try to withdraw.



💸💸💵💵💰💰 10$ BONUS FOR NEW USER 💸💸💵💵💰💰
Sign up:

Whoever joins the telegram group and registers a new account will get a 10$ bonus by posting your game ID screenshot.

3 steps to get 10$ bonus.
1 - Join this group 🌎🌎
2 - Provide the screenshot of the your Game ID in this group
3 - Provide the link that you used to register your account.




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