Basic Attention Token (BAT) Future Price Prediction $2 or $10 till the end of 2019

By shaan5233 | shaancrypto | 24 Sep 2019

Hello friends here i am with new post

Today we are going to discuss about bat future price prediction . Note this is my personal view on the base of fundamental analysis . So dont take it as financial advice . Do your own DYOR before investing.


Basic Attention Token is an Ethereum based token which was created alongside its home platform, the Brave Browser

BAT has already got mass adoption through its product (Brave browser). 

Normally BAT is used to pay publisher and creator by giving tips  from loyal fans or viewer. New and unique thing is in (BRAVE BROWSER) is that user will also earn by seeing ads . 


Normally 98% project in crypto currency world is in development phase. Most of the project says they will deliver something or cover the market in future. Very few projects is in the market which has delivered there product and have some real and genuine users. (BRAVE BROWSER ) is one of them with million of users and having regular more downloads than google. the most important thing is their team every team members have  experience of highly reputated companies.

Future Price Prediction of (BASIC ATTENTION TOKEN)

When it comes to crypto price prediction people started thingking too much like some are saying cardano will reach $10 till the end of 2019, BAT will reach above $15 .

But the reality is different we should be optimistic not too optimistic . By seeing the development of project and some fundamental points . BAT can reach $2 till the end of 2019 and have the capability of reaching above $10 in 2020.


I Hope u will like my view on BASSIC ATTENTION TOKEN always remember do your own DYOR before investing. 




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i am full time crypto investor. I had experienced both bullish and bearish market i can teach many thing to people


Hey i am full time crypto trader. Hope u all will like content. I had learn from my mistake so i will share it with u so u will not do the same mistake. My english is not soo good so plz focus on content

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