Splinterlands Weekly Challenge: Elven Cutthroat

By sgbonus | sgbonus | 25 Oct 2021


Good day guys!

I decided to join the Share your Battle weekly challenge using the Elven Cutthroat.

Battle information

The battle mana cap was 32 with the "Up Close and Personal" rule. I was up against a Death Splinter.


My Lineup
Summoner: Mylor Crowling
Monsters: Stone Golem, Goblin Thief, Elven Cutthroat, Sand Worm, and Unicorn Mustang.

Opponents Lineup
Summoner: Zintar Mortalis
Monsters: Dark Ha'on, Spineback wolf, Parasitic Growth, Maggots, Elven Cutthroat, and Skeletal Assassin.


The Battle

Here's the link to the whole battle

Round 1

It started off, with his spineback wolf attacking first because of its reach and speed, though it couldn't damage my spine golem because of its skill shield. My opponent's skeletal assassin went to attack my Unicorn Mustang damaged it and died to the thorns. The Dark Ha'on attacked and destroyed one shield. Both of our Eleven Cutthroats attacked but missed. My Goblin Thief and Stone Golem attacked and damaged the Dark Ha'on. The Parasitic Growth killed my elven Cutthroat which killed it due to the thorns. My Sandworm did a great amount of damage to the Dark Ha'on and to end the round, the Maggots attacked my goblin thief that succumb to thorns also.


Round 2

During the next round, the spineback wolf still started by dealing no damage to my stone golem. The Dark Ha'on Attacked destroying the shield of my golem. Then my opponent's elven cutthroat attacked my unicorn, killing it because of the thorns. The Dark Ha'on received a flurry of attacks from my stone golem, goblin thief, and sandworm killing it at round 2


Round 3

The Spineback Wolf committed suicide by attacking my stone golem, killing it from the thorns. Thus making me Victorious.


Spoils of War

I got 8.626 DEC and my rating increased by 18.

Did your strategy work?
My strategy actually worked because when I saw the Up and close rule, I decided to use Mylor. And when you watched the gif of my battle, you could see how effective the thorns are versus my opponent's monsters. The thorns were able to take down all of his monsters except the Dark Ha'on. I wanted to go on a full sneak build attack here but the Dark Ha'on was tanking all the damage. So my elven cutthroat was kinda useless because it missed. But it became a great sacrifice taking the damage from the parasitic growth and bringing it down with it.

Do you like the Elven Cutthroat?

I actually like the Elven Cutthroat because of its sneak attack. But what's difficult is it's HP when it's level one because it would be crappy against things with the rule which has blast or opportunistic monsters. Like in my battle, it just died to an opportunistic monster. Though it really comes in handy whenever there's the ruleset little league. I would continue to use it during my battle in the future.

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Thanks for reading and stay safe always!

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