Splinterlands Weekly Challenge: DRAGONS

By sgbonus | sgbonus | 19 Oct 2021


Good day guys!

I decided to join the Share your Battle weekly challenge with the theme Dragons.

Battle information

The battle mana cap was 28 with the "Close Range and Armored up" rule. I was up against a Fire Splinter.


My Lineup
Summoner: Delwyne DragonScale
Monsters: Unicorn Mustan, Khmer Princess, Goblin Sorcerer, Serpentine Mystic, Wood Nymph, and Enchanted Pixie

Opponents Lineup
Summoner: Pyre
Monsters: Living Lava, Zalran Efreet, Imp Bowman, Fire Elemental, and Spark Pixies


The Battle

Here's the link of the whole battle

Round 1

It started off with three of his monsters attacking my tank. The monsters that attacked Spark Pixies, Fire Elemental, and Imp Bowman. Because of the +1 Speed of Pyre, it even made their speed faster. Good thing that there was that Armored up rule or I would have been shredded. From there my, Unicorn attacked his Living lava which only dealt 2 damage on his armor. His Zalran then attacked my tank and it was able to leeched some life. Here comes the fun part, my enchanted Pixie attacked his Living Lava piercing through its armor. My Goblin Sorcer was able to kill the Spark Pixies because of its sneak attack. My Khmer Princess damaged the tank and my Serpentine Mystic was able to finish off the Living Lava. To end this round my wood Nymph was able to heal the unicorn and damage Zalran.
dragon 1.gif

Round 2

Both of his monsters went first again bringing the hp of my unicorn to 3. Then my Unicorn attacked his Zalran destroying its shield. His Zalran then attacked my unicorn but only dealt 1 damage due to the magic damage reduction of the unicorn. My Enchanted Pixie attacked Zalran and my Serpentine Mystic did the finishing blow. My Goblin Sorcerer also killed my opponent's Fire Elemental. And to finish the game the Khmer Princess fired its Finishing blow to the bowman imp giving me the Victory.


Spoils of War

I got 12.949 DEC and my rating increased by 18.

Did your strategy work?
When I saw that You could only use dragon, fire, or earth splinter in the fight. I decided to use the dragon splinter and using Delwyne DragonScale as my summoner. I chose him because of his +1 Magic damage and used the earth cards because the deck that I was using had the most magic monsters. So I just filled up my deck with the magic monster, making it similar to a Water Deck with Alric. Which also made me decide to use magic was the armored-up rule, so instead of trying to break through the armor, the magic damage penetrates it. This would have been difficult if I chose range because of their speed which would have me miss a lot.

Do you like Dragons?

Honestly, I like dragons because they are the most versatile deck, wherein you could use your other cards even if you don't have that many dragon cards. It kinda sucks that I don't have that many dragon cards on my deck. But I actually have fun using the summoners.

Join us and have fun playing while earning, click this LINK


Thanks for reading and stay safe always!

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