What is LUNARCRUSH, What Does It Do, How to Make Money?

By serkanalimete | Serkan Ali Mete | 18 Dec 2021

In this article, I will tell you about what lunarcrush is and how we can earn Lunr tokens.

What is LunarCrush, what is it for?

"LunarCrush" is a smart social media platform. Every day, many different opinions about cryptocurrencies are published on social media every minute LunarCrush analyzes these news published simultaneously every day, analyzes news that can affect cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges, bitcoin and thousands of altcoinis, evaluates them according to their domain and importance and presents them to users in their system.

In addition to news sources, you can create your own portfolio, list the cryptocurrencies you want to track, and set alarms for the fall/exits related to them.


How do I win LunarCrush?

First of all, you log in to the site and register from the REGISTRATION link and will ask for your e-mail address. After entering your e-mail address, there is a verification system "Drag the money of the day over the Moon picture" after you do this, you will have logged in to your e-mail address after clicking on this link.

After completing the registration and login process, we come to the monetization system. There are 3 things he wants us to do: "Our daily active, time spent on the site and our opinion votes".

Now let me explain these things;

Daily Inaccession: You earn 5 points every day when you log in to the system.

Time Spent on the Site: You get 1 point for every active minute you spend on the site daily. (The upper limit is 60 points, which means that you only need to spend 60 minutes on the site, the time you spend on it will increase your average of staying active, but the score will not earn daily points.)

Opinions: Asks a question for your opinion about the markets and how every news presented to you on the site affects you, and every question you answer earns you 1 point. (Upper limit is 30 points)

To earn additional points for these daily points, you need to prove that you are an active user on the site. The average time you spend on the site in 60 minutes will double your winning coefficient.


Example: Considering that you are active for 60 minutes every day;

Daily Entry: 5 points

Time Spent on site : 60 points

Opinions : 30 points

Number of gain multiples : x2

TOTAL SCORE : 190 points


We opened an account on the site, looked at the news, we were active for 60 minutes, we earned points, so what are these points for?

Depending on the number of active users on the daily site, the LUNR token in the pool is distributed to all users. Considering you score 190, it earns an average of 0.7 LUNR per day. LUNR You can track the token price via Coinmaketcap and check the listed exchanges.


You can ask all your questions in the comments section. www.serkanalimete.com


LunarCrush Reference registration link : https://lnr.app/s/P87GrK

MEXC Global Reference registration link: https://m.mexc.com/auth/signup?inviteCode=1KMzQ

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