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By serkanalimete | Serkan Ali Mete | 18 Dec 2021

To log in to the game, we log in to the Alien Worlds site and connect to the game with the WAX Cloud Wallet we created.

Once logged in, you will be asked for an avatar selection, username and email address on the screen that appears, and after completing them, you will be able to enter the game. Everyone is initially given a free shovel (NFT), but the mining power is very low. Once you've selected a planet and map you want to mine with the shovel (NFT) you've been given, you're ready to mine your first.

Planets Maps and Mining Tools

Alien Worlds Planet

PLANETS: There are6 different planets (Eyeke, Kavian, Magor, Naron, Neri, Vales) where you can mine in Alien Worlds Metaverse. Each planet has a federation created by players within itself. Miners and groundholders working on each planet determine planetary revenues, the sum of the amount of TLM they travel.

MAPS: There are 20 different map types. Each map has its own TLM, NFT, and refilling time coefficients.

Alien Worlds Maps NFTs

MINING TOOLS: There are many tools for mining TLM and NFT. You can check their prices at the AtomicHub store. Each NFT you use for mining has its own digging power and refilled time.

Alien Worlds Mining Tools NFT

Choosing a land for mining

The game features 6 planets to mine and many maps with 20 different features. Each map has its own mining power and time, and you can choose your choice based on your NFT's used in mining and the time you will set aside. You can check out the table showing the properties of the maps below.


These maps are land NFT's belonging to other players like you. Each player determines a commission rate for players mining on their own land, and the amount of commission specified in each mining operation you make is automatically transferred to the landower's account.

So, where are you going to keep track of the commission rates on the maps? For this, you can find instant commission rates and coordinates of all terrains on 6 planets from the site.

Choosing a tool for mining

Someone who started mining could mine with a free shovel from the game, but with this shovel, you won't have much TLM to earn. There are many different tools that can dig more powerfully. By looking at the digging power and filling times of these vehicles, you can buy more powerful vehicles and increase your mining revenue. You can review the tool list in the table below.

6fe44f44c1098757f450b25826fa686afb777b873927e49ccf153a5de2281a34.png, a site that helps you see the tools you're mining and the map's estimated earnings ratios, can calculate the earnings coefficients of the NFT you want to buy here, which map you can see more advantageously.

Visit for all your questions and more.

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