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By iROSELiiF3 | Serial Dreamer | 15 Jun 2021

What is the meaning of life? As to Who knows the answer to this question is completely dependent on someone's perspective ,depending on the traditions,knowledge or acsernment one was exposed to. I won't pretend to be one one of those writers who claims to have the answer but rather one willing to discuss this matter openly ,if I was to begin to go on and on about my own induced thoughts on the subject matter I believe it would only be selfish ,i prefer to look deeper into what causes things to happen, I like to question everthing including myself and every thing around me , I was reading and doing some research into Carl yung and his studies into the different types of personality types that exist or at least he was able to discover and so kindly share with the world. His study categorises your personality based off a quick test you can find off google. It only takes like a minute or less and you'll be able to learn quite a bit about yourself based off decisions you'd make in certain situations like Wether you would seat in the front ,centre or middle of the class, the point is people have different personalities , perspectives and biases based off personal interest or that of a close party . science has provided us with a lot but no one has actually discovered what we are here for. Maybe what I see is a world where everybody gets to be themselves without fear of supression but I guess such a reality is still a pipe dream in a world where so much evil happens everyday, and still my perspective of evil is still biased based of my perspective and exposure. Iv realised this is a world of so much diversity it would be selfish to expect the next man to be exactly the same as in personality or appearance. Still it's a world run by propaganda and information, the only leverage you can get is choosing what you expose yourself too. Right now somewhere in the world there's is a war going on, somewhere else there is peace . One thing is for sure the world has different energy one to destroy one to build another to preserve am pretty sure there would be no police and governments if people did not violate each other mentally, physically or financially. Perhaps so many people are caught seeing a world of scarcity I can see it everywhere they always speak from a point of lacking no matter how much or how little they had. It takes a kind of mental jump to fight and break away from the things you where taught and also having the courage to begin to fill your mind with different thoughts of abundance and prosperity. I used to be a victim of suicidal thoughts and depression I can't lie having to fight that I really found it hard to concentrate on the financial side of things kind of reminded me of that J cole line where he talks about having to fight your demons while not being able to focus financially. It made me feel like damn I wasn't the only one going through that. I'll be honest Music has played a big part in helping me  fight a lot of that negativity. Just being able to kind of have an escape where you can express yourself relentlessly in a world where I feel oppressed is really a big deal to me. In projects like "it's OK to b3 sad" where I was just head on facing my issues even when I feel a certain type of Way I still go back and listen and it calms me down. I'd like to think it does the same thing for someone out there. And that brings me to talking about the power of music .I think the world has grossly damned down just how much influence it has on a global scale. I came across something called cymatics the study of wave sound phenomenal it talks about how different sounds produce different patterns and frequencies on a Chladni plate. Considering the fact that human beings are up to 60% water no wonder music has such a great effect on on us human, Napoleon Hill puts music as one of the top human stimulants. That  s why I love it so much there's a way it makes me feel. Sometimes they'll be times when I can't sleep then I grab a pen or used my note pad and write down a verse or two and I'd go back to sleep peaceful.


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Serial Dreamer
Serial Dreamer

You might call this a collection of my thoughts into writing, offcourse this may contain various subjects of my interest like obviously Music ,Poetry ,Science, Technology ,Spirituality, Self Discovery and More. They'll be no particular order as to the way I'll be posting them or as to Wether there is any body interested in what I'll have to say. So yah this is like a jump into an unknown world of blogging for me. But one thing am sure of is i have so much I have to share to those willing to listen.

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