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How to get to the first page of Google quickly - SEO

A big question that concerns many Internet businesses is "how do I get to the first page of Google fast". A question for which the answer is not so simple. The right question you sould make is "what keywords do I want to rank for on goole top search results?" 

If the keywords you want to target have a lot of competition, then things are not so easy and it will take a lot of time and a lot of optimization work to get to the top of Google. SEO services are a set of tasks that of course can not be completed in a few days.

A website, in order to improve its overall ranking in search engines, must make a series of optimizations in order to increase its authority. Managing to increase the authority of your website will help you get to the first page of Google for more keywords and in a short time.

In today's article, we will see what steps you need to follow to get to the first page on Google in a short time. However as mentioned above, the end result will depend on how long your website has been online, what content you have posted so far and whether it meets some basic SEO rules.

Google First Page SEO Practices

first page of google results

Of course each of us would like to be in the first position of Google with the most competitive keywords. However, this is not possible, since the competition is very high and every company invests several hours and money in search engine optimization services.

Securing the top three is, so to speak, the most realistic goal, which can certainly be considered a success, judging by the huge increase in organic traffic that the website will receive. However, in this article we will look at some SEO practices that will help a website, even new ones, secure Google first page with relatively competitive keywords.

Selection of appropriate keywords

The choice of keywords that you will initially target is crucial. One common misconception is that users only search for one or two keywords in their search. However, this does not exist, since a large percentage of users search with more keywords.

For example, if an online store is active in the field of footwear, it would definitely like to appear on the first page of google with the keyword "shoes". As you can see, this is very difficult because the word has a lot of competition. So what does this store need to do to reach the top of Google and increase organic visitors?

The answer is of course to target bigger keywords and let them have fewer searches. In the example we mentioned earlier, a good strategy is to target keywords such as "men's sneakers", "nike women's sneakers" etc. Although the search for those specific words is less, it is much easier to gain high rankings in a short time. than if you chose the word "shoes".

In fact, it has been proven that big keywords have a higher conversion rate in an online store. The reason is that the user search is more specific and when he visits your website he will find exactly what he is looking for. Additionally, if your website earns high rankings for several large keywords, it will also boost your overall SEO of your website so that it gradually rises to the top of Google for more words.

seo first page of goole serps

High Quality SEO Content Writing

High quality website content writing has been, is and will be the key factor in SEO. Google loves quality content and rewards their websites. So if you want to get on the first page of Google, the texts of your website and blog should offer value to the visitor.

Writing optimized texts is the best way to offer quality content to your website visitors and to be "loved" by search engines. And when we refer to quality content we mean optimized texts for specific keywords, which include useful information but at the same time a proper structure. This structure should include titles and headings, meta title and description, internal and external links as well as a great number of optimizations. 

Blog Creation

Every website, from a simple business website to the largest ecommerce, needs a blog. Blogging is one of the best ways to promote websites on the internet. Through the frequent addition of articles to the Blog, a website has the ability to target new keywords, while offering quality content to its visitors. Search engines love to update frequently - add content to a web page. And the best way to achieve this, of course, is by high quality article writing.

The more blog posts you upload, the more keywords you will target. Having a website with several crawled pages in search results will help improve the overall ranking in Google results. So it is not possible to target the top positions in Google and not have a blog where you upload articles often.

blog posts content writing

Use Social Media 

Social Media is an important internet marketing tool and more and more companies are investing in it. Of course, advertising on social media, as we have analyzed in a previous article, offers several benefits to a business or a website.

However, paid advertising campaigns are not the only thing you should aim for. By regularly uploading useful content to your social profiles, you will help increase your followers and of course develop a relationship of trust with your target audience. A website that is popular on social media is more likely to rank higher and reach the first page of Google.

It is no coincidence that even the ratings in Google Business incorporate the ratings that your website has received in Facebook. So this means that you should pay special attention to social networks and especially Facebook and Instagram.

First page on Google with paid SEO services

The above SEO practices are just some of the steps you can take to get your website to the top of Google and other search engines. However, the factors that affect the overall SEO of a website are many. So in order to make all the necessary optimizations, you will need enough time both initially in the study to see what SEO strategies you should implement and then in the implementation of these strategies. Many techniques will probably need specialized programming knowledge. So you should find a trusted SEO company for these services.

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