Mexican Footballer Norma Palafox Joins UTU.ONE platform

By Samantha Dunn | Senoritacrypto | 9 Apr 2021

The latest player to join the UTU.ONE Social Network is Mexican footballer, Norma Palafox. With a roster of high profile influencers, the UTU platform is gearing up to launch its social media platform later this year.

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to boom and draw attention from all areas of industry, the value of digital collectibles and fan tokens have soared in popularity. The application of blockchain solutions to social networks will encourage greater connectivity between individuals, as well as provide novel ways for artists and their fans to interact. 

With technology transforming the social fabric, one of the ways that UTU plans to contribute to this nascent industry, is to facilitate greater social reach without compromising on security.e8aa359f3469c977bab93a8cac98b1446d3d71acf9726a514b2f7844b6f5d46d.jpg

In this day and age, security and transparency are issues that face all existing social media platforms. UTU Technology is comprised of a group of experts in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT, who have come together to create a next generation social media platform that is “made for real people”.

In the past year, a series of football clubs have partnered with blockchain companies, with the likes of Manchester City, Bayern Munich, and Manchester City, collaborating with blockchain companies in various ways. leagues around the world. 

When it comes to football and celebrity in Mexico, one of the greatest stars is Norma Palafox. The female football star is known for her performance on the pitch, as well as for her participation in the reality tv show Exatlón.

 UTU.ONE’s Project Manager for Latin America, Adrian Alvarez Del Arenal Ruiz commented on the new addition to the UTU family.

“She is one of the most sought-after talents in the sports world. She was a clear choice, as Norma is also gaining notoriety by being a star competitor while participating in the reality show Exatlón — produced by NBC/Telemundo in the United States.”

UTU will essentially provide users with a social media platform that allows them to connect with other verified users. Some of the platforms unique features include facial recognition sign-up and NFT rewards.

With the world having gone through severe change over the past year, people are looking to connect more than ever. UTU is creating a social platform that encourages real connection, without compromising on security.

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Samantha Dunn
Samantha Dunn

I enjoy creating digestible content on crypto and blockchain so that the masses can learn more about this fascinating industry.


I have worked as a film critic and journalist over the past several years, alongside creating and running marketing campaigns for several social media brands. Having recently come across crypto and blockchain in the past year, I am really enjoying creating digestible content so that the masses can learn more about this fascinating industry.

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