Blockchain-Powered Social Media Platform RepMe Forms Comprehensive Partnership with SelfKey & KYC-Chain

Blockchain-Powered Social Media Platform RepMe Forms Comprehensive Partnership with SelfKey & KYC-Chain

By Chris from SelfKey | SelfKey | 24 Apr 2019

April 24th 2019 – Leading identity management solution SelfKey and the blockchain-powered Social Media platform RepMe have agreed on a comprehensive partnership.

SelfKey was founded in 2017 with the aim of empowering individuals and businesses to take control over their personal data. Since then, a strong ecosystem has been built, comprising the SelfKey Identity Wallet and the growing SelfKey Marketplace.

RepMe is an exciting new Social Media platform that uses distributed ledger technology to provide individuals with a better way of networking. One vital component, which mainstream Social Media platforms fail to deliver, is identity verification. As a result, fraudulent accounts wreak havoc, often to the detriment of normal, every-day users. RepMe aims to change that.


With the help of KYC-Chain’s compliance software, RepMe will quickly verify a users identity, allowing the network to trust in the legitimacy of its members. This provides a superior user experience, by building trust and preventing fraudulent behaviour. Conventional platforms like Twitter and Facebook are rife with fake and harmful accounts. RepMe provides a welcome antidote to this broken system.

RepMe will also be listed in the SelfKey Marketplace, where it will be available to all users of the SelfKey Identity Wallet. Here, users with a completed SelfKey ID will be able to register with RepMe in just one click.

SelfKey Founder Edmund Lowell said: “We are very happy at the prospect of listing RepMe as a service provider in the SelfKey Marketplace. Social Media seems to be broken and people are ready for a better alternative. At SelfKey, we are very happy to be working with RepMe to provide that alternative.”

RepMe Director of Operations, Eric Choe said: “Our entire network relies on one important piece of information: Who you are. Without being able to verify that information, many of the disruptive pieces of what we are trying to do could easily be called into question. Furthermore, we aren’t interested in a system of identity that gives any more control to the very structures we are trying to circumvent. SelfKey was the answer to that problem for us.”


About SelfKey
SelfKey is a leading identity management system that aims to return ownership over personal data back to the individual. To achieve this, SelfKey is building a rich identity ecosystem comprising the SelfKey Wallet and the growing Marketplace.


About KYC-Chain
KYC-Chain provides state of the art compliance solutions for businesses of all sizes. Since 2016, KYC-Chain has helped service providers process over 500,000 KYC applications in a cost-effective way.


About Repme
RepMe is an incentivized social network that offers safe harbor, self-sovereignty and big data integrity in an environment optimized for personal and professional growth.

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Chris from SelfKey
Chris from SelfKey

SelfKey is a blockchain-powered identity management system that aims to give control over personal data back to the individual.


SelfKey is building a blockchain-powered identity management system which gives control over personal data back to the individual.

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