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In case you didn't know about App yet, I would like to introduce you a very user-friendly app to buy Cryptocurrencies using Credit card with 0% fee charge. I found this App very convenient. Usually I buy crypto currencies on coinbase pro, therefore I compare the price between App and coinbase pro whenever I want to buy a certain coin and I've been fully satisfied with App where I can buy cryptos at the same price as I would buy them at the same time on Coinbase pro. Two advantages with App are that I can use FIAT money from credit card (immediately) with free of charge and don't have to pay transaction fee as I had to on any other exchange platform. 

In addition, you can stake several coins (#MCO, #CRO, #ADA, #XTZ, #VET....etc)  if you want to earn profits for your hodl coins. Furthermore, you can also use desktop version Exchange to trade or use Wallet to store your coins.... 

You can discover yourself about the Why not create an account? You can use referral link below: 

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Thank you very for reading! 

SPsoso (solidity) 

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Self-reflection: Knowing myself
Self-reflection: Knowing myself

Being benefited from the comfort of the modern technologies, I would be more happy with it. However, day by day I feel there is more and more unbalance between my material life and my spiritual life, which should be recognized and adjusted. How I could bring the balance back to my daily life will be shared in this blog: my self reflection in knowing myself.

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