Reason Why You Should Farm the bDollar Platform Pairs on Harvest Finance 😉.

Reason Why You Should Farm the bDollar Platform Pairs on Harvest Finance 😉.

    Now I don't know about You all but Crypto Currency is something that can be very confusing to anyone who is new into the Crypto World, and I believe that due to the basic terms used in Crypto Transactions such as... APY, Compounding, Staking, Harvesting, Farming, DEFI, CFI, and so much more. At first when I saw the term "Farming" being used in a certain Crypto Platform i was like... Wait huh?🙄, like, are we Literally going to be farming Digitally?, like maybe buying certain farming tools virtually like we do in Android Games, only that this time around we could get paid in Reality. But now Harvest Finance made everything easy to understand, and also easy to access as there isn't very serious KYC Verification to undergo like other Platforms which can be very Frustrating and can take such a long process to achieve. So Here we are going to discuss a little bit what Harvest Finance is and find out a summary of the main reason why u should Farm the bDollar Platform pairs on Harvest Finance.


First, What is Harvest Finance?

I figured if u wanted to invest any of your tokens into Harvest Finance, you should first know what it is.

  Harvest Finance is a platform where you can deposit your tokens, stake it also if u want to, and they earn you yield according to what you deposit, which is 70% of the profit they generate on the platform, and the they use 30% of the yield/profit generated to buy more farm tokens. Harvest Finance is a DEFI(Decentralized Finance) and has become one of the best. Harvest Finance is also an automated yield farming protocol created for users looking to put their assets to work in high producing farming opportunities, it then optimizes yield with latest farming techniques.



Main Reason Why You should Farm the bDollar Platform Pairs on Harvest Finance:

With the help of the image above it is going to be easy to understand what I'll be talking about. 

The main reason why you should farm the bDollar pool is, the Harvest APY of the bdollar  is very high, yielding over 1070.77%–3271.95% APY to users who invest or Farm any of the bDollar Tokens in the bDollar pool as a strategy on the Binance Smart Chain in Harvest Finance.

So what are you waiting for? If that is not a smart, stress free, amazing, cool way of letting your tokens grow and get paid more than 1000% of the crypto token deposited by you, then I don't know what else Is. So join the Fastest Moving Train🙊, and thank Yourself Later.

Here's my link about it on 

Here's the Youtube video that helped me understand more about Harvest Finance as a Newbie. CREDITS TO HIM...👍

Thank You so Much ❤

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