Leebet, another free opportunity like the old Betfury

By Lazincome | Seed Coin Strategy | 12 Jul 2023

On this blog I mostly talk about how to get free dividends on crypto, and I'm always in search for new methods and sites. While I was viewing a Ptc ad in one of my faucets (if you like faucets, check my previous article), I came across this site called Leebet.

On Leebet you have the opportunity to claim for free 0.01 usdt every 90 minutes. But this is not the most interesting function.

The site has an internal token called $LEE. Just like for BFG, if you mantain some $LEEs in your balance, you get dividends everyday. But how can you get these tokens? You have to mine them betting at least 0.1$ in every of the casino games. The best strategy is to play dice setting "roll under" and number 94.

The good thing is you can bet using the free money given by the faucet, so you don't have to risk your own money.

The site is new so you are advantaged if you start early, because the price of $LEE will grow once mining will end and with lot of tokens burned.

If you want to join, here is the link

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Seed Coin Strategy
Seed Coin Strategy

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