PipeFlare: A No Hassle Faucet


PipeFlare is a faucet that requires no extra steps to start claiming. It offers instant payouts in ZEC and Flare Tokens (FLR). It also brings Dogecoin (DOGE) to the table with minimum payout of 1 DOGE. 

FLR tokens are not currently tradable. However you can still stake them to earn even more over time. This comes with the hope that it will gain more support as time goes on. FLR also comes with the additional benefit of qualifying you for additional airdrops on the site. For example: based on how much of the total supply of FLR tokens you have, you get a higher percentage of whatever airdrops you qualify for. 

You can claim ZEC, DOGE, and FLR once per 24 hours. For every consecutive day you claim the faucet, you gain additional multipliers. Your 6th claim in a row earns you a bonus spin worth up to $5 USD. The last day of a full week will give you up to a 3.5x payout multiplier. 

You can also multiply the amount of each respective currency. These multipliers are as follows:

Up to a 1.9x payout for up to 4 social media accounts linked.

Up to a 2x payout for up to 100 referrals. 

*By using PipeFlare's mobile app or Brave Browser to claim the faucet, you gain an additional 2x multiplier * 

You will also get a portion of the payouts your referrals receive. Additionally, you will earn a bonus spin for the first 5 referrals you have sign up on the site. 

You can sign up via my referral link here:

OR if you'd prefer, sign up directly on the site here:


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