Convert .TS files to .MPEG files

By ouija85 | scuoladimostrithereturn | 10 Apr 2023

I have a Digiquest 3600 hd hp digital terrestrial decoder which also has the possibility of recording from TV on common USB sticks (in fact it has a front USB input).

The recordings are made in .TS format.

To be able to easily convert them into .MPEG format which is easily playable on any living room DVD player (while a .TS file is usually not) I use this useful program called MPEG Streamclip available for Windows and Mac.

In order to use it, you need to install Quicktime 8.1 on your PC (exactly the 8.1 version and not another one otherwise it won't work).

Quicktime 8.1 can be easily found on the web for download.

The operation to convert the .TS file we have into .MPEG is very simple.

Once you have downloaded the MPEG Streamclip program and opened it, load your .TS file by clicking on file – open file.

Then click again on file and then on convert to MPEG

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