You should hold on to your Robinia tokens.

You should hold on to your Robinia tokens.

By Dzoelx | Scripts | 13 Oct 2021


RobiniaSwap Token (RBS) took a nose dive; from an all-time high of well over 30$ just before launch of mining exercise to its current price. Anyways, a 90% price loss isn’t a new thing in cryptocurrency. For DeFi tokens earnable via liquidity mining and staking, this is actually a norm. Early investors with the aim of covering deposit fees and making some profits as well do sell off the token they earned. The price crash is normal and expected…for me.

I took some personal interest in RobiniaSwap way before its launch and also featured it on some of my recent articles, and after launch and some negative price movements, this first impression remains the same. A well-crafted user interface and a responsive team delights every investor. I am no different to this.

Barely two weeks in; if you joined the mining exercise then you certainly have some RBS sitting in your portfolio. If this is true, then here’s a quick question; what do you plan to do with your RobiniaSwap tokens? Sell, re-invest or just let it sit there? If you’re going with the former, then kudos! You might as well ignore this article, if not then you might want to read till the end.


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Robinia just launched, and these few days after launch have been turbulent. Onboarding new users who are still grasping DeFi and DeFi protocols is a huge task. Since launch, the team has continued to fix different issues encountered by users while taking the newbies through the basics and optimizing their technology as well.

Each of these issues were met by sell off from investors who presumed it as a show of incompetence. No doubt, developing trust for a new project is actually harder than it sounds. A good percentage of the early loss in value is thanks to the FUD phenomenon which is a common headache for cryptocurrency project teams.

To incentivize early investors in the platform, the team also scheduled the token distribution to be higher for the first couple of days with about 5 tokens distributed per block on the first day of liquidity mining. With the project just launching and largely unknown, the current demand couldn’t hold the early supply as investors rushed to recover deposit loses and make some gains.

FUDs, sell offs, low demand… these and many more factors contributed to the price crash. However, you should still hold on to your RBS tokens. Actually, it is illogical to sell at this current price, lol.

Investors’ complaints have prompted the Robinia team to fix most issues experienced by users on the platform. Certain optimizations have also been carried out as the platform nears perfect stability. Users’ complaints have decreased over the days, giving the team enough time to work towards future developmental plans.

In addition, early mining incentivization program is coming to an end and the token emission rate is decreasing. Current emission rate is 1 RBS per block. In contrast to the initial 5 RBS per block, current supply is in fact healthier and enough to move the token price up, even if demand remains constant. Considering this, your tokens are poised to worth even more!

Screenshot (270).png

In addition to achieving a stable technology and reducing supply rate by a factor of five, RBS token will even get scarcer as the emission is programmed to decrease to 0.5 tokens per block. I am no financial adviser but I’d hold on to an asset which is programmed to get scarcer.

Robinia is still in its earliest days and with a whole lot coming to the platform and Binance chain as a whole, things are about to get more interesting. Personally, I’m harvesting and spreading the harvest between single staking pools and liquidity farms, a strategy which has been rewarding despite the price drops. I’m holding on to my RBS, you should do the same!

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