Small love portion: Bizarre cryptocurrency names you probably never heard.

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Bitcoin, ripple, cardano, theta, dogecoin…you are probably conversant with these names, some of them are your favourite crypto coins, not sure if you have a huge bag of bitcoins, but if you are a dogecoin fan, you probably have some thousands of them sitting in your wallet. But the crypto space is a very vast environment, so vast you can’t really know everyone who occupies it.
Cryptocurrency projects emerge on a regular basis, so much it becomes too hard to keep a good count of them, well, we just stick to the popular ones which are successful enough to catch our attention. However, these less popular projects are still a very much important part of the industry. But that’s not the topic for today. Some of these projects bear very unlikely names, a couple of them you might find funny…I did!
Jumping in quick; call it funny, bizarre, outrageous, whatever serves your mind right, these are names of some crypto coins I find rather funny:

  1. Small Love Potion(SLP)
    Type: ERC-20 Token

    Rank: 2247

    Coming from Africa, ‘love potion’ does ring a bell, well, I don’t think a small love potion is enough to do the magic…lol, you’ll really have to get a big bag of some SLP to make me fall in love.
    Off the jokes, Small love potion is a token developed for Axie infinity adventure game which runs on the ethereum blockchain. Axie Infinity is a game that runs on the Ethereum blockchain, where users can collect, raise, breed and battle virtual creatures called axies. Axies are really similar to real-life pets and each one has it’s own unique traits and appearance.

  2. TrumpCoin (TRUMP)
    Type: POS coin

    Rank: 1638

    Hey Donald, do you have any idea what could be going on here? Oh, I forgot he is actually not a pro-crypto, but, well, he’s got his name on a coin. November is fast approaching and it’s surely one to watch, for him and the TrumpCoin team too, hoping to see some good green candles then.
    Well, TrumpCoin (TRUMP) a cryptocurrency developed by Trump supporters supporting the Trump administration and its conservative followers and Patriots. Its crowdfunding blockchain provides funding and recognition for Patriots utilizing PatriotNodes and PoS mining.

  3. PutinCoin(PUT)

    Type: POW coin

    Rank: 1699

    Uhm, this guy is not one to joke with, but he’s got a coin in his name, not really sure of his stand on cryptocurrency. Russia is somehow a very prominent name in the crypto space. I mean, some mind-blowing exploits by Russians in this in this industry.
    However, in the words of the developers:

    The decision to develop a national crypto-currency for Russia was made to support the very fast growing Russian economy and market within the country and beyond its borders.

    With PutinCoin a lot of possibilities will be provided for businesses, traders, private persons and social projects as the technology, services and apps are freely usable by everybody on this planet.

    The decentralized blockchain of PutinCoin offers ample opportunities of application. The network uses the hybrid and economic confirmation algorithm "Scrypt" offering both advantages of POW (Proof of Work) and POS (Proof of Stake), which constitutes an energy saving network-confirmation and mining possibility for everybody in the world. POS can be mined on any type of computer (PC, Mac and Linux) by anyone without needing to provide expensive hardware and it offers a yearly mining-interest of 100%!

    To be frank, that’s some very use case for a cryptocurrency. Tough name, pretty weak price, but that’s not a surprise. It doesn’t look like the PutinCoin team is achieving their goals, but that’s some good ambition.
  4. SexCoin(SXC)

    Type: POW coin

    Rank: 2695

    Alright, my bad, I forgot to include the NSFW tag, but I guess that’s not my fault anyways, once the platform develops such feature, I’ll surely do good to use them.
    According to the developers, sexcoin is/was meant to connect the blockchain world with the adult entertainment world.
    In their own words:

    Sexcoin, perhaps the best branded coin in the entire Blockchain. Sexcoin is a cryptocurrency aligned entirely to bring crypto to the Adult Entertainment world. Our goal is to create a safer, more fun environment where a decentralized Sex-Coin (exchange symbol SXC) can be used to make instant micropayment, send or receive anonymous gifts, trade for goods, and to experience safe adult entertaining of all flavors.
    Well, if this project is still alive, then I’ll be seriously looking out for when they deliver this promise…seriously.
  5. Theresa May coin(MAY)
    Type: POW coin

    Rank: 1865

    She couldn’t make that Brexit dream come true, shout out to Boris anyways, but shout out to Mrs. May too, I mean, it is an equally big feat to have a coin bear your name. Ok, I didn’t use ‘equally’ deliberately over there, but I’m not far from the fact though.
    There’s currently no much information about the coin anyways, apart from being traded on yobit currently

  6. Rainbow/Pride coin(LGBT/LGBTQ)
    Type: ERC-20 Token

    Rank: Unranked

    The LGBTQ community is known to be an outspoken one, and this is one of their many exploits, now that’s one of the features of pride as a human character. Well, that’s it for that.
    Launched on 19/07/2019 by a team based in Germany, Pride aims to create an LGBTQ-focused social networking dating app.

  7. BeatCoin (XBTS)
    Type: POW coin

    Rank: Unranked

    You sure know about the ‘bit’, but what about the ‘beat’. I guess onomatopoeia is a poor way of defining things, this is just one of the many cases. In BeatCoin and BitCoin, one is a very much vibrant game-changing cryptocurrency project, the other is a very much dead project with only very little known about it. I will leave you to find out which is which.

  8. Stem Cell coin(SCC)
    Type: NEO Token

    Rank: 235

    Still got a good memory of Stem cells from biology days…deadpool days actually. Couple of myths about the stem cells and even the crypto space couldn’t be left behind, we got one for ourselves, we always do!
    STEM CELL PROJECT (SCC) combines AI and blockchain to address the healthcare sector. The project aims to set up a Virtual Clinic to enable remote and early-stage diagnosis for patients. And hopes to make regenerative medicine available globally.
    According to information on their website; the market size of regenerative medicine is expected to reach 2.5 trillion yen in the domestic market and 38 trillion yen in the world market by 2050, and it is expected to bring an enormous economic effect to Japan in the near future.
    Stem cell coin team will be looking to benefit from this emerging market with the aid of blockchain technology

  9. FirstBlood(1ST)
    Type: ERC-20 Token

    Rank: 512

    ‘Blood is thicker than water’, used to hear that a lot from the elderly, and each time it reminds me of humanity and how we are bonded by a very unique fluid flowing through our veins. But this time around, I guess it’s a bit different, but if you are gamer, them this might actually be the blood that unites us.
    FirstBlood token and the FirstBlood blockchain gaming platform was built by a group of passionate gamers, geeks, marketers, designers, streamers, engineers, and community builders, all on a mission to bridge the gap of amateurs and pros while evolving competitive gaming as we know it with innovative technology.

  10. PotatoCoin(SPUDS)

    Type: POW coin

    Rank: DEAD

    How do you love your potatoes, cooked or fried? Well I love mine raw, I guess most things taste better when they are raw anyways…pun intended.
    Bad news is, this project have been pronounced DEAD, but that comes as a little surprise. A similar project would have made this list – deepoinion, but I guess you already came across it. Deeponion is still very much alive, but I guess the potato already got eaten. Not much is knows about SPUDS, but whatever is was about, that was a very bizarre, sorry, amazing name for a cryptocurrency project

There are only ten projects on this list, and I’m sure there are many more, it’s an endless. What is the most bizarre crypto coin name you ever heard? Let’s put that down in the comment section!

Disclaimer: Coin logos and quoted statements were culled from the different project websites



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