If crypto never happened; what would you be doing currently?

If crypto never happened; what would you be doing currently?

By Dzoelx | Cryptocurrency Scripts | 3 Dec 2021



Some computing technologies powering blockchain technology and cryptocurrency already existed before 2005. Not until the advent of bitcoin, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies were foreign terms, if they even existed at all. From the crude labs of Satoshi, bitcoin blockchain grew and the cryptographic token running on it became a tool of global revolution. Bitcoin’s whitepaper released in 2008 must have sounded like a joke to every reader. Ambitious, impossible, yet auspicious.

Now fast forward to twelve years later. Over 20, 000 cryptocurrencies including native coins and smart contract tokens. Cryptocurrency market capitalization grew from nothing to over two trillion dollars and yet is still one of the most prospective concepts and expected to spike in coming years.

Having made much success in this short time span, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have gained a huge followership from people all over the world seeking financial liberation in both positive (and negative) way. The crypto space presents numerous opportunities and talents all over have embraced these opportunities in the quest to contribute to the revolution and well, improve their financial situation…if possible.


If you tip this article or offer me a writing gig, you’ll be patronizing my freelance writing career (which I’ll appreciate so much!). Finding my way into cryptocurrency as a blogger, writing about cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency projects have been my primary engagement in cryptocurrency. Having done this for over two years and counting, blogging about cryptocurrency have been an awesome opportunity for me. Gaining a good number of amazing followers and readers, every second I spend writing is a happy one for me. This has formed the bulk of my secondary engagement and has given me the privilege to work with a number of amazing altcoin projects and improve my digital marketing career.

That was a short story and most people in the crypto space have a similar story. Personally, I haven’t done much with my software development skills as it concerns cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, but for sure, countless computer programmers have found their homes here. Graphic designer? Cybersecurity expert? Any career you could think of. Cryptocurrency have built a world where you could be anything you wish.

Having a career in cryptocurrency is just one out of the countless ways of getting involved. Investors and traders bet their capital on good looking projects with hopes of making good returns on their investment, cryptocurrency trading forms a major percentage of individual involvement in cryptocurrency. And if you’re mischievous with your hacking skills, then you’re probably busy wreaking havoc with skills. That’s still an involvement, an odd one anyway, but still…


If you’re not engaged in any of the aforementioned, then you are at least reading this article. This article wouldn’t exist if cryptocurrency never happened, so here’s a question; what would you be doing currently if cryptocurrency never existed? Probably reading a sports journal!

As a blogger and digital marketer, I’ll probably still be a science writer. Come to think of it, it’s been a while I did that! A crypto trader would probably be a forex trader currently, I’ve got an idea of how the MT4 works, but that’s a different stuff! No crypto futures, no leverage tokens…must be a boring one! A software developer would probably be building a different kind of application. Not sure what a blockchain developer would have been doing if blockchain never became a relevant thing today, but I am sure that brilliance would have been channeled elsewhere.

Over to you, if crypto and blockchain never happened; what would you be doing currently?

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