Time to Introduce Reserve Day for All Matches of Major Events Or Do We Need Stadiums With the Fancy Rooftops!

Time to Introduce Reserve Day for All Matches of Major Events Or Do We Need Stadiums With the Fancy Rooftops!

By umair | scorecrypto | 11 Jun 2019


It is still early days in the cricket World Cup and we have already seen three matches being washed out. Out of those three matches, two saw not a single ball being bowled whereas in the third one, we just got to witness less than ten overs.

Every team is given two points for winning a match and washouts meant that both teams were awarded a point apiece. While a few teams may cherish these washouts especially the lower ranked/out of form teams but at the same time, washouts may be a huge expense for some teams.

This has come as a huge disappointment for the cricket fans around the world especially for the people who stay awake during the night just to watch some good cricket. There are many fans who are blaming the International Cricket Council for the fact that they decided to give England an opportunity to organize this World Cup. Many of them are of the opinion that the World Cup should have been played somewhere else.

We have been a custom to washouts if the matches are being played in England. One can't really be sure about the weather of England, it is unpredictable like the "Pakistan Team". Judging by the fact that three matches have been already washed out, out of sixteen, one can expect a few more to end in no result.

### Does this mean that some other country should have hosted this main event?

#### Absolutely not.

No doubt, a few matches have been washed out and probably there will be more in future but that does not mean World Cup should have been played somewhere else. If England is hosting the main event, it means that they have earned it and they have the right to host such events like every other country. However, some of the things should have been considered before the beginning of the World Cup such as having a reserve day for a washed out match. I know a lot of budget goes into organizing the cricket match and it would be a huge burden to have a reserve day for every cricket match but maybe for such events, we need to have one. As far as I know, there is a reserve day for the knock out matches which is really a positive thing.

Or maybe it is time to introduce rooftops over cricket stadiums. There should be a way to open and close them. I know this sounds crazy but maybe it is the way forward. There is a possibility that we might see rooftops in the future but it will cost huge money.

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