Denmark's climate change law, will it work or go bust

Denmark Passes Law that will make inaction against Climate Change Illegal

By Jjpn47 | Sci-J | 15 Jul 2020

Last June, Denmark has officially passed a law that will make inaction to Climate change illegal by taking the Government's majority in the parliament.

The law in theory, will make the government step down if the planned cut in carbon emissions is not met.

Denmark's climate change law will it work or go bust?

 “The government will be held to account every year by the parliament,” says Dan Jørgensen, Denmark’s climate and energy minister in a feature article by the BBC

If the government does not stay on track with their climate change goals then the Danish Parliament will say that they don't have the majority, theoretically making the government step down adds Jørgensen.

“It's also about making sure that governments are taking the measures in the interim that are necessary to reach that target, and to make that a legally binding process,” according to Tessa Khan, a climate lawyer with Dutch environmental law charity Urgenda.

Supported by eight out of ten political parties in Denmark, the bill is immutable even if there is a shift of government and making Climate Change Denmark's top priority regardless of the situation.

The bill was made by the coalition of left wing parties and led by Social Democrats which came into effect last June.

People protesting

Which plans to put Denmark back on track to their commitment in the 2015 and became carbon neutral by 2050.

The law was urged to be passed in January 2019 when 50,000 people signed a petition to follow the Paris Climate Change but was neglected by parliament.

However, at the June Election Climate Change became the number one priority and oversell their climate ambitions to win the election.

So what do you think about this law is it good or bad? If you're from Denmark what do you think about this law? Share it down below in the comments. 

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