Multi-faucet, which actually makes sense

By Scarlet Black | | 2 Mar 2021

Very nice, one of my favorites, multi-faucet (40 minutes) with PTC, shortlinks, offerwals and with many bonuses and levels - this site is constantly evolving! For this simple, many (because 20 crypto) cryptocurrencies to choose from, and when withdrawing, the minimum is as small as if it was not there at all.

If someone would like to stay longer on this site, could be withdraw it everyday! Ah, most importantly, it is really solvent and to Direct Wallet and FaucetPay.

There are either no fees or they are so low that they are imperceptible.

I can really recommend this site. There is a great selection of crypto there; Bitcoin Ethereum and many of the less known cryptocurrencies, such as: Ravencoin, Syscoin, Komodo or Horizen.


Feel free to judge for yourself :)

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