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What happens when you invest in these cloud mining companies!

By Jreck | Scamaware | 29 Jan 2021

Welcome again to all my readers. This time I am going to give you the truth of these cloud mining websites.

It has been no doubt that most cloud mining websites are ponzi schemes. People still get into the trap and lose their money. Don't invest in a random company who offers high interest. I am talking about cloud mining companies. Bitcoin mining is not profitable in the year 2021. Really. Because Bitcoin mining reward is halving every 4 years. On May 11 2020 Bitcoin's mining reward halved to 6.25 Bitcoins. With all your investment as an individual you can't mine good amount of Bitcoins. Well, if you set up a farm and for long term you get to make profits. Hey you goin' out of the topic. I am sorry, just flashing on the context of mining Bitcoins. Now let us get to the point. This website looks perfect in its presentation and offerings of interest on investment. They give you the choice which is in reality a perfect return. Real mining rewards that and that is what they do. But don't believe in that. They do everything except payment. When you ask payment is not sent they say that you have not reached the minimum payout value. After investment it never cares on your side showing its truth. They might pay people but way less than the investment amount. It is  new website, might not be more than 5 months. Be careful. There are people who might get into trap because they are still looking for investors. Share it to your friends by word or send this article if they aren't in physical contact. 

379427630708079510ed146d01a6432325ee89bd9f6970b9b0adcee3397261b1.jpg This one hasn't received many visits but still they have collected 0.1 btc. They are wholly new in the market and they don't even have a https protocol or a SSL certificate. That make it more insecure. People who know about it won't join but people did. They invested 0.1 btc collectively when including 6 crypto. They offer 6 crypto currency and much investment goes to bitcoin. After investment all of your data is as the same but accessible. Never put on your sensitive information. Ee refers to easy earn which should be replace with easy lose. But wait you don't see any interest accrued. When you text to their email it says wrong typo. It doesn't have its own email or might be fooling you. Stay away from this.

74ebef2b35f6947dc97dbca52a0e65b32d3b9181838b3166c0cf29882b1376fa.jpg This website's frontend is really bad. It is not well allocated with spaces but they have given their companies video which is still on youtube. The speaker has tried to fool everyone with its video. They blurred the background which is not in actual but it is a different theme in the background. Anyone can change the background with a software such as Adobe photoshop and make it look perfect as though they were in that place. The pictures depicted are found on the internet and in some part of the video they took else's video scene and merged it with theirs. Doesn't that prove enough to be a scam. Their company number is a random number followed with UK's company registration number. Stay away from this money taking company.


Now, to the title if you invest in these companies you get nil.

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Name signifies the use of my blog but wait these(scams) all are experienced by me with all its process. This place is where you find most of the rising scams proving to be legit but of course it ain't. You have to be aware of these and for that you have to see into the junk of scams in my blog. I experience scams and investigate and then conclude. Welcome to the world of scams. Lol.

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