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Another list of new cloud mining Ponzi schemes. What do you expect from useless people?

By Jreck | Scamaware | 8 Feb 2021

I didn't know that a new bitcoin cloud mining scam took birth just 12 days ago. And the other one who thinks can excel in the field of crypto and has been only 2 months registering domain name.

Why do I find scams? I find these to alert me of course and you too. Well, I also do trading and I am a professional trader. I share some insights of my trading skill with you in the other blogs. Let me type that 😀 I couldn't believe that a website which hasn't made completely but still received deposits. We will talk about this funny thing in the next head. This website is Just 12 days ago and has started talking, walking and eating. I am trying to personify and what I mean is it has not made its website completely and has recieved deposits worth 22720 dollars. Where do I find the age🤔? I will tell about it at the end. If you know then you will be like😒. Oh come on guys, The website name is and it has everything to find the details of website. You can check it later. First, lemme complete. But I don't hold your will, you can go to the site. This website has paid 646 dollars and is written in black color in blue background. You can't track those payments. After registration you get a whole lot of issues to go to your dashboard. It, sometimes, redirects infinite times and crashes. Deposit amount is never reflected in your balance. Why? It is not complete. So, I am giving you the info before it starts operations of fooling people completely. It has started partially.  Copyright is of 2019 and the domain is registered just 12 days ago. LFMAO 🤣. Oh my gosh. I can't stop laughing. It says reliable and responsible crypto trading platform, but it should be reliable and responsible for scam😂. 

11c9b47f19daffed0f4966da5e0e726231a4692618ffa18871bed713c3ba3c15.jpg This one is saying that it has its own crypto and is yet to launch which is false. They have given their road map which is pretty simple and is only surreal concepts. Why? No website with ponzi scheme can grow to heights. The domain expires in the year 2022 and still has time to fool. They say they will reach top 200 crypto coins in coinmarketcap in the year it expires. They can renew it but only those ponzi schemes sail for a long time who have received a lot of money. And according to me only 3000 dollars or less is received by them. They are online from 11th month of 2020 but they say they are online from 27th-12th of 2020. They have a white paper but all is written with no intent to proceed actions. Really. It is just to see. They only give sign up and login options. There are no payment proofs. After registering you recieve messages of bonus upto 500 percent on deposit. 100 being minimum. Who will give such huge deposit bonus. What do you think 🤔 'bout it? Comment down.


Guys, I keep finding time to benefit you and me too from my gleaned information. Now, you should only spread awareness. You don't tip, like, comment me it turns out okay. You can also dislike my article but please never fall for their offer and lose your money. I have been through it. 

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Jester(da Clown 🤡)


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I am a snappy snazzy and cool chap who is finding ways to help people in all terms be it earning or spending. Stay tuned to my profile and have your knowledge improved with great extent.


Name signifies the use of my blog but wait these(scams) all are experienced by me with all its process. This place is where you find most of the rising scams proving to be legit but of course it ain't. You have to be aware of these and for that you have to see into the junk of scams in my blog. I experience scams and investigate and then conclude. Welcome to the world of scams. Lol.

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