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Another list of cloud mining scams! Trust me they don't deserve your attention, money is way far concept to give.

By Jreck | Scamaware | 25 Jan 2021

What makes you pay attention to them?

I don't understand that people still visit sites like these and promote on advertising companies. It is a serious dump to throw Outta your mind. Oops I said a lot. Even I visit such sites but wait I don't visit to increase my money I do it to investigate for the good of people. I review them. But money makes your mind do things which you hate if you aren't stubborn. It has ratings of 4/5 on trustpilot which makes everyone think it is legit as trustpilot is a verified reviewing company. Those reviews are paid reviews. Paid around 0.2 to 1 dollar per review.

Let me start the list. It is not a big article. It consists of two sites which believes to be legit. This site is pretty good in its presentation and attraction. They also have a video of their mining company which is fake as the company never existed. Company is based in UK, it is true. No it is false, truly false( contrary )

company. The number of their company is imaginary when tracked in the official registrar of companies. They also have their exchange, cryptocurrency and gambling sites. Don't panic about their own cryptocurrency, If you didn't then my bad, coz anyone can create an ethereum based token. I will talk about creating your own token a little later in other Blog. But for now know that anyone is welcomed to create a token on the ethereum blockchain. The exchange is fake and you are able to exchange monero to cryptonits( their cryptocurrency ). The value shown in their exchange is 1 dollar and above while the actual value is 0.02 dollar. They get profit with each cycle and you always incur losses. Their gambling site is also a scam because what you bet is lost and if you win your payouts will be on hold for infinite years. See the image down.


Sorry for the quality but it is all because I use incognito mode. Screenshot from your phone is easy but from an external app it gives you this kinda image. Pardon for that. This one is more funny than you think. Even I laughed at this one because it says Tesla. Woah! If you know Tesla you might also laugh if not, flopped Jester ( it refers me ), let us get moving. The company name is attractive as it says Tesla and the first time I believed it to be Elon Musk's mining company when I saw the link. But when I viewed the website it was perfectly fake coz Elon Musk would never create such boring site. Interests are accrued 2.2 percent per day. Payouts every 24 hours in the land of no hope. Lol 😂. See the image.


Please, don't get into the trap. If you don't heed they don't stay active for long. You are the change. So create one. Thanking all of my audience. You rock, you yo!

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Peace out buddies and love ya ladies😁😜.

Written with intent for awareness,




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Name signifies the use of my blog but wait these(scams) all are experienced by me with all its process. This place is where you find most of the rising scams proving to be legit but of course it ain't. You have to be aware of these and for that you have to see into the junk of scams in my blog. I experience scams and investigate and then conclude. Welcome to the world of scams. Lol.

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